Sunday, October 24, 2010

freedom of speech

somehow there is no freedom of speech in this country.
people just can't accept what you say and very closed minded.
they just can't accept criticism and improve themselves.
they just want you talk sweet word to them and agree everything with them.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

somehow i feel sad...

somehow i feel sad...
i am suppose to feel happy today.
finally i passed my haematology block.
i guess the final exam really helps me a lot.
hope that git block will be the same too...

no idea why i feel sad...
maybe it's just the lack-of-caffeine-symptom.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shan-ge, RT pastry house, Umai-ya

about 2 weeks ago, we went to are around Puchong to celebrate Mei's birthday.
rather than saying it's celebrating mei's birthday, we are actually finding reason to hunt for food.

so, Hung, Mei and me went out to puchong.
our first aim is Umai-ya... but......
we reach there too early and the shop is not open yet.
they start business at 6pm.
i wonder why most of the sop in puchong will start their business and 11am to 3 pm then they will rest and start again at 6pm to 11pm i guess.

we just walk around and see which shop had open and just go in and have a sit while waiting our Umai-ya to start their business.

there is a dim-sum shop--shan-ge which have lots of autograph and photo of The Legend is Born: Ip Man
so we went in and order a few side dishes.

the food was not bad but it was a little pricey.
not really worth for 3 dished and a few cups of chinese tea and it cost us around RM30.
i guess everything in kl is having this kind of price.

then we went to cake shop RT Pastry house to buy Mei's birthday cake.
we wanted the Yam cake but we will have to pre-order if we want it.
so Mei choosed Green Tea flavor as she worry if the cake was too expensive.

finally it was 10 min before 6 so we walk back to Umai-ya shop.
BUT!!! the sign still showing "CLOSE".
so we were standing in front of the shop glasses as there are waiters in there.
hopefully they saw as and come and invite us in.
everything was totally opposite as what we thought!
they just let us stand in front of the shop.

there were this couple also want to enter the shop i guess and when they saw the "close" sign they walk away.
Umai-ya just lost 2 costumer.
i guess they don't bother as we were still stand in front of the shop and they just act dumb.

finally i try to open the door and i found that they didn't lock the door.
just i just went inside and ask: have you guys start the business?
so this waitress just came by, then she look at the clock and say: oh... it's near 6pm, you guys can come in...
in my heart was:!@#$%^&*... what kind of service you have?!

ok this surprise us! haha...

so they serve us with menu and tea, and we start to order.

the food was not bad but the service is kinda sucks.
i won't go to the same place again but maybe other branch of Umai-ya.
we ate too full honestly.
and thanks to mei's bro--Dasmond that treat us this meal!

Frontera Bar & Grill

one fine great day... we went to JayaOne for dinner!
at first we were planning for karaoke session... but at last we can't make it as it was too late and i am going to go back to Malacca with my sis that night.
Mei and Amanda suggest we go to JayaOne to search for food!

honestly... i have no idea i am so muscular. hahahaha...
look so man here.

honestly i have no idea where is JayaOne or what is JayaOne.
it was very near with my sis college so i can fetch her right after our dinner and headed back to Malacca.


there is more than 30 shops for dining and drinking in JayaOne.
Amanda suggested to go for Frontera Bar & Grill.

amanda and i

we only order 3 different type of food as the portion was quite big.
we just follow Amanda's suggestion and which food is a must-try!

this is nacho chip and salsa.
it taste really good as a snack. but the chip given was not enough to eat with salsa.
i have seen some other food review blog which the salsa given was so little.
we kinda surprise when the portion given was so much.

next will be Frontera burger.
the portion are really big. totally enough for 3 girls like us!
i would say the burger taste really good together with the cheese on top of it.
and i was told by Amanda the french fries was directly cut from a potato.
they purposely cut into long shape and deep fried it.
i really like the french fries a lot and it was better compare to mcd fries.

Tex Med Burrito taste quite weird.
the rice was good but the meet inside the egg was..... i don't really know how to describe the feeling and the taste.
it's not for everyone.
i actually eat this together with the fries... which can make me have more appetite.

one thing that is not really go is the time of serving was quite long.
we have nothing better to do during that time...
keep gossiping... you know... girls right! hahaha...

try to visit if you're interested.
Frontera Bar & Grill,
18-G-2, Blok L, Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Jin Shan Cheng Si Chuan cuisine

it have been a while since the last blog post.
i'm going to post about food while i am very hungry right now! :(

about last month, my friends and i went to Jin Shan Cheng Restaurant for Si Chuan cuisine.
there are steamboat with variety of soup and also lots of si chuan cuisine.
we choose to order those cuisine from the menu instead of trying the steamboat.

my friends that came along include:

fern and chia

xiang and mei


done with introducing my friends... here come the MAIN DISHED!
just scroll down and see the food we ordered.
only 6 of us and we order around 9 types of different style of Si Chuan food.

hot and spicy beef 水煮牛肉

you'll think that this dish look so normal. but this is the most delicious dish among all of them!!
i am still missing this dish now! my hot and spicy beef!!!

Si Chuan chilli dressing 山城口水鸡

at first Mei asks me want to share the white rice with her or not... then at last we have not enough rice as the rice finished up when the 2nd dish is served. haha...

stir-fried french been with minced pork 干煸四季豆

stir-fried baby cabbage 清炒奶白菜

stir-fried kang kung 清炒空心菜

home cook beancurd 家常豆腐

garlic pork 蒜泥白肉

soaks pepper pork intestine 泡椒脆肠

salad with seaweed, golden mushroom and cucumber 三丝凉拌

it's in chinese... too bad!

you may have to visit here to see the menu in chinese and english.

after the dinner, we went to opposite street to find some dessert.
we found one at the very corner and we start order.
but the dessert there just so-so. not really very nice.

this is sooooooooo damn smelly!!!! first time every i tried smelly tofu.
totally smell like poop!

totally have fun with my friends!!! awesome!
i need another trip there! for si chuan food of course not the dessert!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010