Wednesday, June 26, 2013

niece birthday

My niece birthday party on the 16th June. She's so adorable and everyone love her so much!
Damn hyperactive btw. I can lose 10kg if I take care of her.
That day, her cake become the center of attention instead of this birthday girl!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

short trip to Jakarta

Last week I followed my mom to Jakarta. She had a business trip and I just tagged alone since I have nowhere to go during this holiday.

A breathtaking scene before landing in Jakarta Airport!  

Well, Jakarta is a damn boring place. Only for shopping and their things aren't cheap at all! Need to bargain and the price we get the most is about the price we get in Timesquare, or even higher than that.

The hotel we stayed was very comfortable. They even have free Wifi in every floor! Unlike here we have to pay for the Wifi.

Our first night dinner. Bought by the Doctor, Dr Patricia, at Indonesia working under MMC. She brought us to this famous seafood restaurant, where we can choose the food we wanted, live and fresh, only then we are served with this. 3 different types of cooking for the crabs, tonnes of prawns and shells seafood! Major love!

The second day, followed my mom to her business function. Have nothing to do at all! After the function, we just went back to hotel and get some rest.

Then we become adventuress. We tried to discover the place. Went to a mall for shopping. Search for food. How funny we have our dinner at a stall nearby, which is chinese food. I wanted to find their traditional food/local food over there, but I saw this stall so we ate there.

After that we just go back room and rest, because the mall only open until 8pm -_-!!!

3rd day morning is our shopping day. It was raining and place was flooded around my area. We went to Mangga Dua Square I guess. When the people there know you are tourist, they slash up the price even more than double up the price. I guess I am hell of a good bargain. I don't know where I learn my skill from. Definitely not from my mom.

How to bargain? When they give you a price, your bargain should start from half of the price, or lower. I am not kidding. I bargain and I get half of the price the seller first gave me. A big headache shopping in Indonesia, especially due to their currency! Roughly around RM1=3000rupiah

So I finally had the one I wanted, Ayam Penyet! A very famous local food! Well, the taste is almost the same over here in Malaysia. Only that the chilli is superb! Super duper spicy but feel damn good after eating it. When it first go into my mouth, the spiciness actually caused me numbness in the brain, like brain numb. But it don't stopped me from having more.

At night for dinner, Dr Patricia brought us to another restaurant famous for satay. First shop wasn't open, so she brought us to another place. I love the environment there! I love the food more! All famous traditional and local food.

Avocado juice!!! Seriously my favorite! The fruit juice there very pure. They don't add any extra water. This avocado juice is soooo thick! I miss the one I had in Vietnam. Almost the same but I think Vietnam one nicer cause they add in milk.

Last night in Jakarta, we had a photo with Dr Patricia and her son, Gareth. He is totally a gentlemen. On first night upon arrival, we straight headed for dinner at the restaurant together with our luggage. He offered to help us carry even thought he is only 11 years old! And every time we want to get up or get down a car, he will open the car door for us! Such a gentlemen in his age. I think most probable because he studied in international school.

Last day-back to Malaysia

One last thing that really pissed me off before I came back Malaysia. We called a taxi from hotel to airport. My mom was trying to spent all the small change of rupiah currency. The taxi fare was 75400 Rupiah. I gave him 100400 since I don't have change anymore. I expect him to give me 25000 rupiah back. Then he just say 'Terima Kasih'. I was like: where is the change? Then he act stupid and say 'Terima Kasih' again. For a second I really feel like whack him. During the journey, I kinda feel pity for him because he says how hard earning a living in Jakarta bla bla bla. I was thinking should I give him the change as his tips. Well, if that was my money I am fine. I was asking my mom did she wants back the change or give him. My mom was quite blurred. But that was my mom hard earn money. My mom will even save up 20 cents if she can. SO I asked him back for change. He gave me 20000 rupiah at last when we taking our luggage and we were in hurry so I just lazy to ask back the 5000.

25000 rupiah maybe small for us but my sympathy for him totally gone when he don't even want to give me back the change. Maybe I'll say keep the change if he return the money for me. But I just fired up when he pretend and act stupid. My mom don't order drink when she hard lunch just to save RM 1. I just can't leave it. Unless that was my hard earn money, maybe I don't mind.

So to those who want to go Indonesia, spare some small change for the taxi ride. Don't spent all the small change like my mom. If you want to give tips to them, that's totally up to you. Beware of the taxi you took. Good reputation will be 'Blue Bird' or 'White Horse', told by the local there. But the one I took was 'Blue Bird'! I can't imagine the charges and attitude if I took any other taxi.

Food at the airport is just so blaaa...

Jakarta trip was OK due to the food and Dr Patricia who so willing to spent her time with us, bring us around and with good food. She is a aesthetic in Jakarta. A very big difference between the rich and the poor. The rich will have 3-4 maids at home. 1 for cleaning the house, 1 for cooking, 1 for washing the cloths, drives etc. If you have a newborn, you can hire nurses. YES! Nurses! You can hired how many nurses you want for your 1 baby. Dr Pat says she got 2 nurse for her kid when they were born. She has 3 maids at home! 2 drivers!!! Their pay is much more cheaper than here. After conversion, house maid only cost around RM 200 a month!

Some times, feeling pity for the poor is just a waste of our time. They just love their living standard now, so why bother to feel pity for them.

I love the blue sky, that's why I like taking flight.

Michael Jackson

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”
― Michael Jackson

He had gone for 4 years! Remembered that I did post about his pass away... It has been 4 years! Time passed so fast yet so slow right....

I kinda miss him...

Friday, June 21, 2013


This is the face chart that I drew for Enuca X MIVVA face chart contest!
Basically it's my everyday look too. I am too lazy to make up so I'll only do as simple as possible.

I used
Lancome Teint Miracle
Lancome Blush Subtil Rose 20
Maybelline Eyestudio
Enuca Eye Essential Quad - Smoky
Elianto Eyeliner Pencil
Maybelling Volume Express
Elianto Nutri Rouge N03
Skin 79 Lipbalm

A lot more example on how to draw the face chart!

Sunday, June 9, 2013



Thursday, June 6, 2013

Enuca Eye Essential Quads-Smokey

Right after I dye my hair with Liese bubble hair colour, I tried all other products from June MIVVA Beauty Box. I have updated my post with review after I use the product.

Another love from June MIVVA Beauty Box is Enuca Eye Essential Quads. I guess I am very lucky to get the Smokey set! There are 2 difference type of shade able to view in their website! I have said before that I always skip eyeshadow part because I always messed it up.

I still give a try to this Enuca Eye Essential Quads and really surprise me! I just can't stop looking at myself in the mirror.

For the first time I really feel I did the eyeshadow right. No more like panda eyes or hit by people blue-black eyes. I did it in very small amount yet it still have smokey look. I like the eyeshadow very much because the shimmer is not obvious, so it won't give a oily look. It blended easily and with the eyeshadow base provided, it makes my life easier! I just follow the instruction in video tutorial from Enuca youtube site!! So easy and simple. Not as complicated as I thought. After the eyeshadow, I just put on a very thin line of eyeliner. Didn't bother to put mascara too cause I was too lazy.

Eye make up really make a huge difference in a person!! And from now on I will always use Enuca eyeshadow to create a smokey eye effect! I'll let you see the difference. I prove to myself that there is no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. omg I look so tired in the right side photo!!

If you want to subscribe a box for yourself or your bff

Go to this link :
Invitation code: DiscoverMIVVA
Facebook page:

Liese Bubble Hair Colour

I just can't wait so I dye my hair the day after I received my June MIVVA Beauty Box!!!

With Liese (pronounce as lee-say), hair dye is a very simple process. Even without going to hair saloon, you will have a great hair colour! I have heard of Liese before but never use before, because I haven't dye my hair since birth. This is the first time and I am going to do it myself.

I got creamy beige and I think it will be very suitable for me especially I am first time hair dyer. Not so fancy and overrated for me!

It is a very simple process. Easy to DIY. You can also search the tutorial in youtube. THIS is the video I watch before I did the dye. So just read the simple manual. If you have a sensitive skin, do a sensitive test before you dye your hair. I skip the step cause I think I won't have the sensitive problem.

Very simple. Just mix ingredient 1 into the transparent bottle, tilted your bottle up and down, GENTLY, for 5 times. Insert the pink cap and it is ready to be used.

Just before the hair dye, you can see my hair already have some brownish colour. I never dye my hair before, it is my natural hair colour. So change into a shirt that you don't mind being stained and apply some oil-based cream around your forehead and behind the ear and neck to prevent staining too.

You can see there is not much bubble. Mainly because my hair is too thick and too long. I am actually thinking 1 bottle of Liese is not enough for my hair. But I just don't care and use it all. The smell is quite harsh when it is near you but not as harsh as those in hair saloon. So make sure don't take your hair in front of your face during the process.  Leave it for 30-40 minutes.

Rinse it off, apply shampoo and and rinse-off treatment provided in Liese box. Ta-da!!!
The end result of Liese Bubble Hair Colour!!! My hair look so damn healthy! So smooth and I don't know why. Maybe is because of the bubble hair dye itself or maybe because of the rinse-off treatment provided by Liese. This colour will only be obvious under the sun. I have been at home whole day and no one noticed I had a hair dye. hahaha!
Now my hair don't look do dry and unhealthy anymore. It also give a reddish-brownish look under the sun. I'm gonna wait for few more days for the colour to wear off a bit and I think it will be more obvious. And 1 bottle of Liese bubble hair colour is enough for my long, thick hair!

After hair dye, my hair is not dry at all! Unlike a lot of myth saying your hair will be destroyed or dry after dye. It is actually very manageable and I like it a lot! When wind blow, my hair just wave in the air. Felt so great actually!

If you want to subscribe a box for yourself or your bff

Go to this link :
Invitation code: DiscoverMIVVA
Facebook page:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MIVVA Beauty Box June 2013 Edition-COLOURIFIC

P A I N T I N G has never been so fun!

I think this is the first time I review MIVVA box so fast! Fresh from my mailbox!! I got the box today and I am going to blog it. So sorry I will be the spoiler! Cause I am having holidays and I am just too free!

My MIVVA box subscription suppose to end last month. After seeing their newsletter, there will be more surprise coming ahead. So I did consider for a few days, then I decided to subscribe another 3 months. Because I am still a student, to spent my parent's money on this really felt bad. But I got income from The Malaysia Street, RM 100 for 2 months, so by right, I am using my own money! So I only subscribed 3 months despite the MIVVA point is higher for 6 months subscription.

Last review for MIVVA beauty box May 2013, I had predicted that they might give hair dye product and also blusher or eye shadow. I AM TOTALLY RIGHT!!! This month box is very simple. There is no extra brochure or discount voucher, no extra product info. Only a welcome care and product description, in 1 paper, printer front and back.

This month they have ALL FULL SIZE product! No sample size or travel size product!!

Product included:
Skin79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss (FULL SIZE)
Liese Bubble Hair Colour (FULL SIZE)
Beautymate Black Pearl & Calendula Officinalis Whitening Nano Mask (FULL SIZE)
Enuca Eye Essential Quad (FULL SIZE)

Skin79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss
RM 16.90 for 1.1g

This is so sweet and cute. Very small, you can see it from the photo. There is a chain where you can make it as your key chain or attach it on your bag or purse! So convenience as there is a mirror in it. You can apply it when you are on the rush or when you're in the car.

The Skin 79 mini lip gloss colour is not as red as what we see. It is actually just a glossy look, so don't be afraid to try it on. It gives a very glossy but not shimmering after apply on the lips. I love the lip gloss because there is no smell or flavor on it. I hate those who have lots of shimmer and also fruity smell type.

Liese Bubble Hair Colour 
RM 38 per box

Well, this item was my prediction and few days ago, I saw a photo in MIVVA facebook page, not very clear and blur on purpose, yet I am able to see Liese bubble hair colour product in the MIVVA box!!! Honestly, I haven't dye my hair before. I am 25 years old this year and never in my mind I wanted to dye my hair. Not even after SPM like most of the people did. I don't know why. I guess I just prefer to have a black hair. Until........ Until I saw this product on MIVVA facebook page. I have the urge to try it myself. So I youtube for the steps and review from the customer days before I got the MIVVA box. I got Creamy Beige colour. I this it will suit me very well because it is not a very bright colour and suitable for first time hair dye user. I'll try it tomorrow and then I'll blog about it!

Beautymate Black Pearl & Calendula Officinalis Whitening Nano Mask
RM 49.90 for 7 pcs

Another Beautymate product! Well, I am sure I am going to have the whole range of beautymate product, except their cleanser. I am waiting for that! This month is a mask. It's roughly RM 7 for a piece. I always consider a mask as a full size. It will be totally suitable to use it together with the toner, serum and moiturizer. Honestly, I like beautymate product. I found my skin condition getting better and other people noticed it. They will ask something like: how come your skin look so good now?

The Beautymate mask is awesome use together with Beautymate Toner, Serum and Moisturizer! Like a complete set. The mask is very moist, full of moisture and actually can last more than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, I use it on my neck, hand and also my leg.

Enuca Eye Essential Quad
RM 88

I haven't heard of this product before this. It's made in Italy. Well, this gave a good impression for the user. I also had predicted that MIVVA might give an eyeshadow but I never thought they will give a full size product, with 3 different colours of eyeshadow and a base in it! There is 3 different types of shade for this product: Amethyst, Sunset and Smokey. I got the Smokey one and I totally like it. They had a youtube channel and lucky me, they have a video tutorial on how to apply the eyeshadow using this Smokey shade. I am not the eyeshadow type of person cause I always messed it up and feel weird after I apply it. I will give another try for this smokey eye look!

That's it for this month product! Oh wait! I think everyone get a MIVVA face chart. If you wonder what it is, don't worry! MIVVA will have a tutorial to guide you how to use the face charts to craft out the perfect make up. I think there will be a contest soon!

I actually subscribed another box for my friend, Evelyn. I wonder how will she react when she received this. I am sure she will love ALL the product. Everything is like just meant for her! She love eye shadow make up and always hunt and want to buy it. She love cute stuff so the lip gloss will be perfect for her. Maybe she need some touch up for her hair colour so the Liese bubble hair product arrived right in time. I actually hope the got the Raspberry brown. Suit her more. Lastly the mask? I am sure she will like it too!


This month products are the best! FOUR full size products! I love the Liese bubble hair colour the most. Not that I can't buy it in any drugstore outlet, but it is special for me because it just going to be the first time I use it on my first hair dye and a reason for me to dye hair. Who will ever thought of giving hair dye in a beauty box?! I think only MIVVA team will! 'C O L O U R I F I C' just sound right for this month's products, from hair, then eyes, lips and lastly whole face! I love that MIVVA now start to go into make up product rather than skincare product now! This month's product worth more than RM 150!!! Such a bit A+ for MIVVA team!  Just like what I say above, it seem like everything is meant for me! I haven't tried out any bother beauty box or bag, but based on other blogger review and comment, I definitely think MIVVA is the best! No regret that I subscribed for 3 more months. It kinda like a habit now that I keep wanting to received it every month!

If you want to subscribe a box for yourself or your bff

Go to this link :
Invitation code: DiscoverMIVVA
Facebook page:

Have you ever wonder who is the team that create this wonderful MIVVA beauty box? How is the process of getting so much products into a beauty box and send it to customer? You may read this Special Features-Behind The Scene of MIVVA Beauty Box by Fiona, blogger of!