Saturday, May 29, 2010

my little sister!

had a great great great chat with my sis yesterday night...
wonder how long we've talk... we might talk whole night!
i think we talk until 5 something am...
it was how long ago we had such long talk? i can't really remember...

but it was totally wonderful.
i get to know my sis better and it surprise me that both of us somehow alike in many ways.
the way we think, the way we deal with everything and also the way we enjoy our life.
i guess that both of us need lots of freedom and thus bf is not a really important thing.

friends are more important to us i guess...
with friends we can be how crazy we are.
and eventually we grow up and be more considerable and able to think for others.
i'm glad that my sis getter more mature in the way she thinks...

i still can remember we always fight when we were young.
maybe i was suppose to be the only attention to my parent and when she pop out, she steal everything from me. haha
then i always try to push everything to her if we do something wrong. hahaha...
cause usually we will not get scold if is her fault.
and we have a special way of dealing each other.

i remember telling her that i was the eldest and she has to listen to everything i say.
and when i ask her to do something she must do it.
she has to pour a cup of water to me when i want it, and she has to finish it when i wave my hand. (wtf?!)
and she just obey and didn't ask anything or argue with me

we always bath together when we were young.
and we had an imaginary friend's name 'Connie'.
HAHAHA! how funny was that.
yeah... i laugh when i think back about it.
imaginary friend??

what i remember is our dad told us once (or many times)
you only have 1 sister, who you gonna love if you don't love your only sister?
i think this really change us.
from time, we getting closer and closer.
we seldom fight now... or i can say we never fight now.
maybe some quarrel but the next second we are cool again.
sometimes just make me wonder how other family siblings can fight with each other...

now i feel it is so fun to have a sister... which not the way i think when i was small
we are almost same size and we wear each other shirt.
we wear each other shoes and will not complain...
i always thought of her whenever i saw something nice or something that suit her.
i bought tonnes of earrings even though i don't pierce my ears cause i give it all to my sis!

she's just so cool and everything will be just so wonderful with her around.
i really glad that i have a sister!
really very very happy and i know i am lucky to have her as my sister.
i hope that she will always be happy..

i love you Jennifer!

Friday, May 28, 2010

start a fight?

someone is just too free and she wanna stat a fight with me. AGAIN!
yeah i guess she's just too free and i'm too busy to respond to her.

even though i am immature but i am not as childish as her!

she better don't take out her 'bf' when the fight started.

oh btw her religion teach her to be a terrorist.
but didn't teach her to fight.

if she privatize her blog again then i'll know she's still stalking me.
jealous-ing me how wonderful my life is.
what a bitch!

*just a random post. don't be too sensitive and take it personally as i'm not talking about you!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

quick update*

a quick update*

last weekend, mei, amanda, zy and nandini came to malacca because our college have KAMU activity. it's among the pharmacy student so it's totally non of my business.
they reach here early in the morning and have break for 3 hour before they were ahead to Jasin for their activity.
mei phone me and ask me bring them out for food in malacca... as usual -_-!!!
i went to dataran pahlawan to pick them up and we went for bak kut teh.
i seriously like it very very much this Teow Chew BKT. if can i want to have it every week.
i was like addicted to the taste of the soup...
the rice was so tasty.

after brunch, i bring them to the shop at jonker for cendol.
they like it very much but for me it's like a very normal thing and nothing special about it.

after cendol, they want to go jonker walk.
so we just walk over the street and visit shop by shop.

mei ask me: did you come over here every weekend?
i answered: of course not. so crowded and it will be jammed.
mei: if i were you and staying in mlk i will be visiting here every weekend.
i: -___-!!!

i rather just stay at home at the weekend as malacca raya street will be jammed and full of tourism and those car plat start with 'W' and 'S'.
unless i have friends that came to visit mlk only then i will go to these place, like jonker street and eating food like cendol, laksa, satay bla bla bla...


last wednesday, we went to have our korean food in Seoul Garden.
we was wanted to have korean food for the pass week and at last we decided to go there.
there are 4 choices of soup for us to choose and we actually can change the choice anytime during our meal.

the one i recommended is their mutton. it was soooo tender and tasty!
it was marinated with black pepper and i have totally no idea how they make their meet to be so tender.
not only the mutton, the chicken and beef was tender too...
too bad that Seoul Garden is Halal so i can't taste any pork there.
i bet it will be very tender if they aren't halal!!

their meet was nice, and also the seafood was fresh too!
only that i don't understand why their 'see ham' shell won't open itself even though we have cook it.
there are also dessert and also free flow drink for you to top up.
basically it was all like buffet and eat as much as you can.

remember to bring student card if you're a student as they have special price for student.
less than RM 30 after the tax.
and...... 4 of us went but me and mei didn't bring our student card as it was already about 8pm went we reach there
we thought that there will no offer for student anymore as Seoul Garden website stated that student price was from 11.30am -5pm but it was not stated in the IOI Seoul Garden restaurant.
so we say only 2 of us have student card and another 2 didn't bring.

usually if we went for steamboat BBQ in other restaurant, our shirt and hair will surely have a smell after our meal.
but out of our expectation, we don't smell stink or have any BBQ smell on our shirt and also hair.
i have no idea how they did that!

what will react if i say i want to buy this!!!

it's lomo white slim angle and it only cost RM110!!!!!!
damn it lomo!

Monday, May 17, 2010


feel so aimless now... i don't know why i do feel like doing anything at all.
feel like running away from everything...
how good if here is also same like western country where we can stop studying like a few years then come back continue study when we are mentally prepared... and nobody will give a damn about it.

maybe it's too stressful. or maybe there are too much things to be studied.
and i don't like study at all... no motivation for today...
i don't know what will happened if i don't have motivation everyday before the pro exam...

i know my aim suppose to be pass my pro exam...
but seem like not my aim at all...
i wonder why i don't same like other people...
at least they feel scared not passing the exam and they will force themselves to study...

sometimes i just wish i have a little bit of 'kia-su'ness
then i will not wanting to lose to other people and fight to get better result than them... but i'm just not.
i tried to be hardworking... but still as lazy as usual.

life is like a paper for us to colour on it...
but how should i colour it when i don't even know what colour to use?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nico digi

and now... i would like to introduce myyyyyyy.................... NICO DIGI!!!!!!

a picture is worth a thousand words!

i bank in my money on monday and i receive my parcel today afternoon!!!
how fast was it!
as usually i bought it online at filmsnap

it comes with 1 USB cable and 1 AAA battery

1 CD and user's manual

the great part of this is there is english version of user's manual guide book!
i don't need to see those japanese words and wonder what's talking about.

it was so small. as small as a keychain.

with series number!

i bought a 2 GB micro SD for the nico digi.
it was cheap cause i just need to top up RM30 if i have any purchase from filmsnap

i also bought this jelly lens to lengthen my interest in nico digi...
so that i can forget about my DSLR for some time.
there jelly lens really have great effects and create more surprise to me!
only spark, starbust and close up jelly lens are available in filmsnap as other is out of stock...

how small? use your brain and think! haha!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day

i wrote a letter to my mom today... specially for Mother's day.
then i also asked my sis and bro to write a letter too.
we didn't plan any event during this Mother's day.
usually we will went out to have dinner together.
but lately, we seen to have family dinner every saturday and make me no idea of doing anything.

if we buy things for our mom, then she will say we are wasting money.
so the most practical thing is to write letter to her... since we never wrote any letter to out mum before.
i can seen that she is very happy, receiving letter from her 3 lovely kids.
and i did say "i love you mummy!"
i am so proud of myself! haha...

then another thing is, Mr Low Boon Sin is so free and he crap out this in my facebook!

Dear ah ma :

it's been a while since te last visit, even though u oredi cut ur hair short,we still miss ur long hair last yr.... frm ur profile pic, can c u reali like te blanket tat we give u during last yr mother's day, though we buy it frm RM2 shop, but u alwayz knoe tat it's x te money tat count, it's te 亲情!tat means a lot....

lot of thing ... See morehad change,do u still remember 4 of ur grandchild still study 2gether last yr, wanna let u knoe tat tis yr after we graduated, we go separate pathway - hansiang got a pose in warcraft IT company, ah y bcome a food traveller, melvin slowly venture into politic n me....... bcome a director of movie "te love story of tou sa bing" u should be proud for 4 of us!!!

bout te movie, jt wanna let u knoe tat, it's actuali inspired by u, ah ma - i remember wen 4 of us still young, our mom suffer frm malnutrition so cant breast feed us, wat u do is..... u blend te tou sa bing into paste n add hot water 2 dilute it... u feed us day by day, spoon by spoon, sikit by sikit, untill now we all jadi bukit.......

ah ma, i jt x understand l thing, though we eat te same type of tou sa bing, how come we still diff in physical form - l thin, l fat, l hairy n l even got a big head, but luckily, we still got te same mentality, same siao!

4 tis yr mother's day, eventhough u x our mom, but we treat u more than our mom. we plan 2 make a movie to show our caring n appreciation 2 ur hard work in making tou sa bing. 亲情 = 豆沙饼, 豆沙饼 = 亲情~~~ hope tat u will like it!!


Frm ur 4 little 豆沙仔。。。。。

they actually called me last year during mother's day to wish me Happy Mother's Day.
i was never their mother or whatever but i really don't know why they do so.
so this year nothing happened, so i was just commenting in facebook and ah Low wrote all this in my facebook.
i think he study too much and was too free and he is crazy!

never thought he will wrote out something like that.
quite touched actually... and the same time it was very funny too!
thanks anyway! haha...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

instax mini 7s

i was crazying about LOMO last week.
so i was browsing on the internet about LOMO and then found out my junior Melvin has LOMO camera.
then i ask where he get then he give me the link ok the*click*shop.
as i was checking the product in the website, my sis fall in love with the instax mini 7s.
but too bad the website don't have any stock.

come with 4 colours which is blue, pink, white and choco.
but come with different price too!

so we search online again and i found out another website which is filmsnap.
this website not only have the instax mini 7s but also have the nico digi that i want!
i send an email then it was reply by that day! so efficient!

nico digi! which is size of a keychain!
can you imagine that it can take photos and also video?

my sis confirm that she wants the instax mini 7s!
and she was so great saying that she will pay my lomo nico digi for me too!
only that she will pay RM 200 for that and the rest i have to pay myself.

unfortunately, my nigo digi don't have stock till next week.
so i bank in the money for my sis intaxt mini 7s first and also for the film.
the film is not cheap at all! i repeat: NOT CHEAP AT ALL!
there is only 10 piece of film per pack! wth...

means that 1 piece of photo taken will be RM 2.50.
the cost of the camera will surely be very cheap as the cost of buying the film will far beyond it!
we took 4 picture yesterday night and that cost us RM 10!!! :(
instant camera is not cheap for play!
but! the picture taken is so nice and quite good quality! both of us was very happy with it and i guess quite worth it.

i would recommended filmsnap as their service is very good.
they're no hesitate to answer my tons of questionsss and their service is very good.
my sis get the camera 2 days after the day i bank in the money!
and the seller had just email me yesterday saying my nico digi stock had arrived and will reserve 1 for me! yeah!!

happily showing off her instax mini 7s