Thursday, May 30, 2013

MIVVA Beauty Box May 2013 Edition-Happy Mother's Day

I know this is freaking late, cause I am having my holidays and I am being very lazy. I also received my MIVVA box quite late due to some communication problem with the MIVVA team. But I have to praise MIVVA management team for the WORLD CLASS customer service!

Quite a long story actually. Last few months MIVVA box was sent to my campus in Cyberjaya as I am studying there. Since I am having my holiday on early May, I predicted I will not get my MIVVA box if sent to my college so I change my address to Melaka. I actually email MIVVA management and inform them about changing address. Seem like there is problem with their site, maybe the address didn't change or what, I did not receive my beauty box. So I emailed them and ask about it. They resend a new box for me in Melaka!!! I was so grateful for that! So...... I subscribed for another 3 months!!!!!

Since I used my Ipad Mini to took all the photos, so the quality is not so good and there is this fisheye effect due to the cover. -_-!!!

This month's theme is for Mother's day so quite a few products are suitable for mothers. How funny when I saw the quote was also used by my brother for mother's day! They also provide a Mother's Day card! Too bad I received it after Mother's day. Will use it next year because the card is so nice!

Product included:
SOMANG Danahan RGII Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Cream
O'SLEE Rosehip Hydra White Cleansing Powder
Gardern of Eden Jojo E Serum
Nature's Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub
AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask
AUPRES Ultimate Whilte Extra Intensive Spot Serum
CLAIRE Organic Aloe Vera Shea Butter Handmade Soap

SOMANG Danahan RGII Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Cream
RM 350 for for 35ml

I never heard about this brand before. Maybe I am just too outdated. I gave my mom 2 and I keep 1 of it to use on myself. Well, women should start beware of wrinkle after 25 years old! haha

O'SLEE Rosehip Hydra White Cleansing Powder
RM 50 for 55g

This is the first time I heard about Cleansing Powder!!! Haven't use it yet because I am using Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel from MIVVA Beauty Box March 2013 Edition. I read about a lot good review about this product. Can't wait to try it.

Gardern of Eden Jojo E Serum
RM 39.90 for 15ml/ RM 63.90 for 32ml

This product is quite famous. But I actually wish they can give serum for pimple scar. Never mind. I'll try it after finish using Secretleaf Organic Argan Oil from previous MIVVA box.

Nature's Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub
RM 76 for 250ml

Oh I like this scrub very much! I love the smell and how effective it is. Few weeks ago I had attachment in a private hospital in Melaka so I had to stand and walk whole day in the clinic. So my feet smell after I went home. I tried to use soap and other method to wash off the smell but not so effective. So I tried it by using this scrub. My feet instantly smell so good!

AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask
RM 95 for 80g
AUPRES Ultimate Whilte Extra Intensive Spot Serum
RM 150 for 30ml

I got this sleeping mask and serum instead of peeling mask. I tried it on the first day of receiving it. My face feel so soft after applying the sleeping mask. I love the smell so much. There is jello type of texture in it. I leave it for few hours but I still wash it off before I sleep because I don't like my face have anything before sleep. They also have an exclusive invitation for AUPRES 10 mins facial massage and 3 pieces of sample given by consultant.

CLAIRE Organic Aloe Vera Shea Butter Handmade Soap
RM 16-22 for 100g

I always have obsession with handmade or DIY stuff. I am so happy to have this handmade soap. I did it once before and really enjoy it. I did it in Melaka in a shop at jonker street. You can read it HERE!

MIVVA always give their customers surprise! This month, they gave us a mini porcelain cup!!! Very English style! I think not everyone received the same pattern/design. I like mine!! Gonna use it for my tea time, especially during my holiday where I have time to enjoy!

There are a lot vouchers this month. Sometimes I don't use it all.

Skinlam RM20 Discount Voucher on Antipodes and Nyey Eco products and 20% discount off Nature's Lab products

MARY CHIA 4-in-1 Body Detoxification Therapy worth RM 400. This is soooo tempting!!! I will try it when I go back KL. Hopefully won't be expired by then.

Jojo E product redemption Tab.

Judge yourself for the content and the product given with the money we pay. I think it is worth it because at least I start using a lot of different products and able to see which one suit me more! A lot voucher given too and I think all the voucher is just extra bonus. Not that I am able to use it all. I just can't wait to redeem the MIVVA point. I also can't stop myself to subscribe 3 more months because there is more to come. Since they already sold out for June MIVVA box, I'll have some hint here for the June box according to the newsletter then sent to me!!!

Full of colourssssss!!!! Next month's theme will be 'Colourific June'! Well, the product brand including Liese, Skin 79 andArty Professional. So.... I predict maybe they give hair colour product for dye? Maybe they will give make up product this time, like blusher and eyeshadow? Since their theme is Colourific right? All about colours! Just a prediction! Don't have such a high hope, if not I might get disappointed. haha!

If you want to subscribe a box for yourself or your love one

Go to this link :
Invitation code: DiscoverMIVVA
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

GE 13 first-time voter and polling agent

First time being a polling agent during the 13 GE and first time voting!

After my semester 8 exam and OSCE which was 2 weeks ago, I drove back Melaka on Thursday as I decided to become a PACABA. I made the decision at the very last minutes. It was my exam week and I know I am not able to register and go to the PACABA class. So I keep reject all the invitation to volunteer to become a PACABA.

Can't really concentrate in my study for that few weeks because politic is a heat! Yet I am stuck in my room to study. Sometimes I will watch Live from I am dying to become part of this historical event! Finally I decided to register as a PACABA. Really thanks to Dr. Wong who help me a lot.

The last class will be on Thursday so I have to rush back Melaka right after my exam. I had a shock after the class actually, because PACABA is such a big responsible. I don't know which agent I would be, either Polling agent, Counting agent or Barung Agent. So the class included everything. I kinda have cultural shock.

On Friday, I get to know my shift. My shift is from 7-11 am and I was Poling agent. I was assign to Ping Ming school under Kota Laksamana. Luckily everything went smoothly during my shift. The KTM (Ketua Tempat Mengundi) and the 4 SPR clerks were quite fair. Actually the 4 SPR were not very experience as they were only briefed by the KTM right before the election started. So deeply I believe they will be fair and will not cheat or do something that not suppose to do.

Right after my shift, I went back home to vote. My voting area is just right in front of my house, less than 30 steps! I was quite nervous but since I already know the procedure from being a polling agent, so everything went smoothly. The thing that I was not satisfied is organizer. Quite a chaos as there is lines queue up for taking the 'saluran no.', and lines for voting. Not well organize at all!

And! The indelible ink is totally ink-delible! Proven by my mother then she using some clorox for cleaning and found out the ink just gone so easily, not even wash it with effort!

Honestly, I am very proud of myself. I wanted to be part of this history. But what we hoped and wish for change did not happened due to fraud, obviously! You just can't imagine how nervous is the feeling for sitting in front of laptop and keep click 'refresh' button. Our generation do not relay on TV anymore yet SPR result is the official one. No matter what we read from the internet, with just a blackout, the result can change anytime as they wish!

I don't know since when I am so into politics. I think, this is more than politics. It's just something that happened in our life. We must know what's going on since we are staying in this country. We hope for a better future, for ourselves and for next generation.

Change does not happened in a day, it takes time. This time can't happen, we will wait for next time!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Elective attachment-Oncology

I haven't blog for such a long time! So I going to start from the most recent one.

I have been doing my elective 2 in Mahkota Medical Center(MMC) since holidays started. I have choose Oncology for the specialty. It has been a very good experience for me. It actually like me have a very deep thought. Everyday I see different type of patient presented to the clinic. Some so keen for treatment and how hard they seek treatment just to prolong their life. They travel so far just to seek the best treatment for them, especially a lot of them travel all over from Indonesia. Some of them who don't want treatment, seek for those unproven alternative, then later presented with the worst scenario and then only they willing to accept the evidence based treatment.

From there I also see human nature. How cruel is reality. If there is ever a God, I don't think he will treat the people like this.So much of suffering. Yet when they praised God for everything and not blame God for having the illness, I loss my understanding.

Cancer is curable disease, when it is in early stage and you treat it early. The most scary part of cancer is there is possibility of recurrence. Don't wait until too late because it is not painful. because things that is not painful is those who is more dangerous.

I might really get crazy for this split personalities. I have to think like a doctor yet I can't help to think like those people/patient who don't know anything. Tried to explain but not everyone will accept. A lot people have misconception.

"it's human nature to blame other people instead of ourselves"

Off topic!

Today MMC organise nurses day and have lunch treat for all the nurse. So I follow the clinic nurse for lunch. Only 2 weeks and we bond really well! I really have fun at there, with people there. At first I only plan to attach 2 weeks. 2 weeks passes way too fast. So I decided to attach for another week. Everyday just past so fast.