Sunday, November 20, 2016


Loneliness is something that will eat you alive.
Too much thought. Too much thinking.
Opted to walk away. But then was on hold.
I am just being too stupid. Seriously.
Starting to hate myself for all the torture that i put myself in.

You are asking for some attention.
Why none of your friend can get it?
Nobody cares

Saturday, April 16, 2016


I have been mia for such a long time from my blog. I was july 2015 i last blogged. Seem like i have moved on from blogging. But when i am sad i still feel like blog it.
I dont know why i am emo for this 2 days. Maybe pms. Maybe its because of ortho posting.

Ppl keep saying how great about ortho when they were there. But i dont feel so.

Off on saturday seem like a bad choice. Maybe i am use to not having weekends. Feel lonely.

Ya... i guess this is how much i wanted to blog about. There are a lot things that can't be told. Wish that there is someone that can understand me like how i understand myself.