Friday, April 12, 2013

MIVVA Beauty Box April 2013 Edition-GALAXY

After 2 months of subscription, I have quite a high hope for MIVVA box. However, there is a saying 'the higher the hope, the higher the disappointment'. There is slight disappointment actually when I see there is only 1 full size product and the expiry date in this year. However, I am quite happy too, to see a lot different range of products that were given to us.

This month's theme is Galaxy. "In a galaxy full of amazing beauty products, which stand out and be your shining star?"
I like their creativity to change the description sheet from single sheet to booklet type. It also has a illustration  that there are more products given to us.

This month MIVVA only give 1 full size product. However, there are 7 types different types of products from head to toe!

Product included:
B.liv Off with Those Heads
Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Essence
SF Beauty Skin Perfect Glow Sunscreen and Remover Cleaning Gel
Somang Keratin Silk Protein Hair Care
O'slee Poseship Beauty Solution Advance Formula III
Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask
Hair Chalk (From MIVVA Team)

B.liv Off with Those Heads
RM139 for 30 ml/ RM179.90 for 45 ml

When I see into the product description sheet, I first thought I am going to get this product as full size! haha! Well, I hope too much. They gave us a sample size but I think its good enough. I wanted to try this product for so long but never have the chance to try it. Mainly because it is quite expensive and if it didn't work, I will be wasting my money. My problem is blackheads and also large pores. I really wish I can get rid of it.

Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Essence (FULL SIZE)
RM 69.90 for 30ml

I really don't mind having Beautymate products this 3 months because I think this product is very good and I am very satisfied after using their toner and moisturize. This essence is a plus point and I think the MIVVA team did a very good job by telling us the correct steps to use the products in their facebook. So how to use it? Cleaner--toner--essence--moisturizer. Perfect! I really see how my face condition become better after using the products. I just can't wait anymore so I started to use it on the first day I received it. I saw some subscriber complaint of having this product 3 months straight and I don' really understand why because personally I think Beautymate are good and it suit all skin type. The only thing that I wasn't happy is the expiry date for the essence is this August. Hope I can finish it by then.

SF Beauty Skin Perfect Glow Sunscreen and Remover Cleaning Gel
Sunscreen RM 125 for 30ml
Cleansing gel RM 100 for 150ml

First time I am exposed to this SF product. Not sure how it work because I haven't try the sample given to me. In the description, it says that the sunscreen can be use as concealer or nude make up. Will definately try it and see the outcome!

Somang Keratin Silk Protein Hair Care
Hair Shampoo RM 49.90 for 640ml
Hair Pack RM 49.90 for 500ml/ RM 79.90 for 1000ml

This is what I mean from HAIR to toe. This month MIVVA gave a very special and new product for us to try which is hair care product. I feel that the price is very reasonable. I think the Hair Pack is something like conditional.

O'slee Poseship Beauty Solution Advance Formula III
RM 59.90 for 100ml

Do you know O'slee is from Hong Kong? According to the description, it contains 7 functions. Basically you can use it for toning, make-up base, soothing, deep moisturizing and as body lotion. This again reflects to what I wrote above- from head to toe! However I don't like the smell of this solution. It is like a syrup smell instead of rosy smell.

Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask
RM 10/piece

Can I say that this is also 1 full size product? I guess so cause it cause RM 10 for a piece of mask. Inside the MIVVA box also include a coupon for 20% discount for online purchase.

Hair Chalk (From MIVVA Team)
Priceless :)

MIVVA team always give us surprises! This month they gave us hair chalk. Dip Dye fever is not over yet!!! If you have reason like me who can't do permanent ombre hair dye due to regulation from the college, you can use chalk! It is so great that they give us 6 different colours and we can actually be creative among the colour given to us and create our own colour. blue + red = purple! yellow + red = orange!! Just be creative. If you still don't know how to do dip dye using hair chalk, you can visit the TUTORIAL by MIVVA model, Emily Kong.

If you are a loyal subscriber, you'll know MIVVA always give surprise or a special treat. This month, the bonus is shopping list note. I wish that there are other different colour other than pink cause I am not a fan of pink colour. But I think they just want to match with their pink box. Other than that, MIVVA also launch their new design for the beauty box and they give the subscriber randomly. I like the new design very much but I am not the lucky one cause I get the old design but I don't really mind at all. The products inside the box are more important.

Nearly forget about another surprise! FREE underarm wax treatment from STRIP!! Strip is a very famous waxing center and now they also offer IPL! Other than free underarm waxing, we also can get 50% off any a la carte waxing/IPL service on that date of visit. I really happy for this!! Definitely will get my treat after my exam!


I am very happy that I don't see Murad product or voucher on this month subscription. This month there is only 1 full size product. Although there is only 1 full size product, there are more choices and different products were introduce to us, from head to toe. Including hair care and also multipurpose solution like O'slee.

Another thing that I am happy is getting the Beautymate Essence.It is hard to get full set of products and try it out. Now I am wishing for cleaner from Beautymate. I am not sure if there is any, but if there is, please give me the cleaner next month!!
This month, all of the products are new brand compare to last time except the Beautymate. I like the B.liv and actually hoping for full size! hahaha! Too greedy again!!

I think it is a very good initiative for MIVVA team to change their box design. I just hope that they can make it fair for all the customer to get the same thing instead of half getting the new box and half getting the old box as all of us pay the same price. I think MIVVA have putting a great job putting the full size and different products in MIVVA box. I actually hoping for Natural Republic or Loccitane, or make up product from Stage. hehehe...

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

life is fragile

I was driving to HKL this morning for my ward work in psychiatry ward and along the MEX highway I received a call. That number wasn't in my saved in my contact so I don't know who called me. I still answered it. I was still grumpy from waking up in the morning and the voice from the other side says: hello Melissa, I am Nicholas. I guess I have hearing problem and I heard it sound: hello Melissa, I am Lucas. So I asked: Lucas? He says: Yes. Are you free to talk. So I totally don't know this 'Lucas' and was grumpy so I answered " I am driving!". Then he says its ok he will call me later.

Just right after we reached and parked in the parking, my phone ring again and I answered the phone. Then only I realize is Nicholas instead of Lucas and he says likthing father just passed away yesterday night. I asked: "likthing? likthing's father?" I was in shocked. I totally don't know how to respond cause I never see this coming. So he told me Likthing father passed away yesterday night and now likthing and him already go back to Melaka to arrange everything. I was totally shocked and I don't know how to respond. I forgotten what I asked and even forgot to ask how it happened, why etc.

My hands were shaking. Whole body is shaking. I just can't imagine the fact that likthing's father passed away. So I phone Likthing, the call was answered but no sound from the other side. So I hand up thought that maybe she just don't want people to disturb her. Then she phone me back, was crying. We talked for a while, then she asked me 怎么办? meaning how. I was stunned and I don't know how to answer the question. I says I don't know how to answer her, she only can accept the truth. She is still at the mortuary when we were talking, waiting the hospital to release the body. I wasn't dare to ask how her father passed away in the accident.

Luckily her boyfriend is with her. I can't imagine how she can go through this by herself. I keep putting myself in her shoes. I can't accept it when I heard the news what else for her. I just tried my best to comfort her and give her condolences. Phone her a few times to check on her, make sure she gets enough rest and have her meals. Other than that, I don't know what else I can do.

It is hard to care without giving pressure. Maybe she needs somebody to talk to. Maybe she wants to be alone. Too many people flooding calls and messages to her wasn't a good thing too. I just want to make sure she is fine and able to face it. yet keep asking her to be strong for her family is not good either. Maybe she just need a cry instead of being too strong.

Later at night I saw the news on online newspaper. A photo and article about the incidence. Only then I realize how hard is the truth. As usual her father and mother were going back after working at the restaurant, her father was on bike and her mother was driving a car. But her father was hit by the car on the way back home and her mother witness the whole incidence. I can't imagine that!!!

I meet her father so many times. He was so friendly and kind hearted. Always have smile on his face. He will be missed!

I really hope that I can stay by her side now. I am stuck in my studies and I can't go back until Friday, or maybe the earliest is Thursday. I really hope she can be fine, but how to be fine when this happened to you? Friday please come soon!

Life is so fragile. No matter how many times we faced death, we will never ever able to accept it.