Friday, July 3, 2015

3rd posting

No i haven't forget about this blog. I am not that busy either. Its just that blogging is not my thing now. Wanted to blog about my peads posting but keep delaying. Wanted to blog about my O&G posting and yet i have finish my O&G posting and haven't blog anything. Going to join my 3rd posting tomorrow which is medical. So much of uncertainties. Don't like the feelings. So blue. I wish i can keep rotting at home like past 4 days. Best feeling ever for not doing anything at all. So blue now. Sigh. Life. Living in my dream world for past 4 days makes me don't feel like going back to reality. The feeling is same as last time during medical school time after weekends and gonna go back to death city kinda feeling.
Please bless me for next 4 months.