Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY soap class

I came across about this shop for quite some time already. It was located in Melaka Jonker street. My friend and I always pass by there and go into the shop but I've never bought and try their soap. 

Since there is a sale in Groupon, I bought 4 voucher for my friends and I.

We went there and meet the lady boss. She recommended us doing this 'Afternoon tea-shaped soap' instead of cupcakes and ice cream because the last 2 were too easy. The lady boss is very friendly and very patience. She takes her time to explain to us about the soap and instruction on how to do it. She also tell us how hard she find the suitable ingredients for the diy soap and the colouring is the hardest part. Not all colouring suitable for soap because some might stain on the hand after you wash your hand with the soap.

What I like is the lady boss didn't keep promote her product instead she just focus on teaching us doing the soap. Some shop keep promoting their product and and us to buy and I really hate that. On further asking, we get to know that she also do classes for tourist and also soap for face wash and cloth wash.

So lets start our DIY soap!!

First, heat the wax.

Prepare all the things you needed while waiting the soap to melt. All of the tools and ingredients are supplied by the shop!

Choose the colour you want for your decoration which I choose the green rounded soap above. cut it into 6 pieces and put into the container and leave some spaces between them.

Choose the colour you want. It is better to choose a colour which is totally contrast to the round soap you picked just now. And I choose RED!

Pour the colour in between the 6 pieces rounded soap that I've just cut.

This is so ugly!! But never mind! You'll shaped it later!

Well, look better now!

Cut it into half and shape it again!

At another side, prepare a cup and fills it full with cubes transparent soap, make it look like cubes of ices! Oh, and don't forget to put a straw! 

Choose 2 colours for your 'drinks' you want! I choose BLUE and YELLOW. You need to choose a contrast of colour again from the previous one so that the colour will pop out!

Mix mix mix mix mix and mix! We actually put some of the aromatic fragrances into the mixture so that our soap smell nice!

The boss will keep asking you to put in more cubes so that it look overflow. She is not stingy with her ingredients at all! Keep asking us to add more!

Put the first 2 pieces that you prepare earlier on top of it and the end result is THIS!

Hmmm... taste so good!

In summary it's like this:

Our trophy today!!

The free bear was put into the mold and we get to choose our own colour as well!

All of us are so happy with this DIY soap session! It was really fun!

After that, I followed their facebook page and get to know they had a contest going on. So I just take part in it didn't hope to get anything but just for fun. At first they say they will give out 5 pieces of soaps to 5 people. At last the gave all of the contestant a bar of soap cause they have hard time to choose the winner. Guess that I am way too lucky!

They state the name, ingredient, date of manufacture and window period of the soap. It can be us as body wash shop and facial soap! 

You can go to their facebook if you want to know more about the product or DIY classes! Just click HERE!

Location: No. 18, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Melaka. Jonker Street, Malacca 马六甲, Malaka, Malaysia.
Working hour: Mon- Thurs: 11am-8pm, Fri- Sat: 11am-12am
Phone: 016-316 6223

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