Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Am so proud of myself

I guess its getting better in housemanship. I am getting use to with the life now.

I am so proud of myself as i think i am getting some luck on branula. Finally i am able to set some after 1 months plus of no luck on branula. I set 3 branula straight today on neonate when some senior tried a few time and dont get it. It really need some luck with it. The most success archievement is setting it successfly in front of an senior mo who always the best in setting branula! I was having tremor and she tot i was squeezing the baby hand too hard. I just keep having thr adrenaline rush whenever i successfully set a branula and the hand just unintentionally tremor itself!

And another one is a new senior tagger actually tot i was the mo. This was told by my senior, Anu, the one that taught me a lot since first day of HOship. And she says she is proud of me! And that really satisfiying when i heard that compliment coming out from some one i admire so much.

Still i am still lack of sleep, craving for more off day, craving for good food because nowadays its too busy that i dont even feel like eating even when i am hungry. I eat just to feel up the stomach and prevent to get gastric in future but whatever i eat i just dont really enjoy it.

But a least i have something to hold on, to be stronger and motivated from what i am doing now.