Sunday, July 29, 2012


Finally I have develop my first ever roll from Praktica PLC 2 SLR. I am quite surprise with my skill but I need to brush up more on how to focus manually!! so happy with it!

Missing the blue blue blue blue blue!!!
The blue sky, blue sea, blue swimsuit! BLUE!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alang's Rawa- A paradise

This blog post has been late for one whole week! Mainly because I am enjoying my holiday and too lazy to even type a blog post!

This is the only place I went during my holiday--Alang's Rawa, a private beach!!!

Sound so glamour when I say it's private beach but everyone is reachable actually. You just need to type 'Alang's Rawa' in google and everything will just pop out! I know about this island is through my friend and she wants us to go there. So she show me a blogger's blog-KinkyBlueFairy. I totally fall in love with that beach and I would definitely go there!!!

So my friend, Yun, arranged everything and Jes and I just follow everything. We took bus from Melaka to Mersing via S&S bus and this is the only bus that travel from Melaka to Mersing and back. So willing or not, we have to take this bus. The journey is around 4 hours from Melaka to Mersing as this bus will stop in Muar and Kluang to fetch or drop passengers.

When we reach Mersing, we took a taxi to go to the port. It will cost RM10 for a short journey but you may walk as well but there were so hot so we decided to take taxi instead. The people in-charge will let you know how to get there. They told us to wait at Port Cafe. You can have lunch there too! You can call the person when you reach there then they will find you before the boat leave. They have their own boat so there is no point waiting at the Mersing Jetty.

When we were on the speed boat, the boat driver ask us to wear on life jacket but all 5 of us refuse, 2 were other traveler. But immediately when the speed boat started, I regretted. The speed boat was unstable and the wave was very big on that day. So the speed boat hit the water very hard and frequently. The speed boat also nearly turn over due to the big wave. So in conclusion, don't act macho and not wearing the life jacket.

Until we safely reach Alang's Rawa, the duration on speed boat was like forever. I think the journey was only half and hour but for us is like 1 hour. I was lucky to sit on the left side and I was DRY. Totally DRY! Those sit at the right side were all wet due to the wave. When we were off the boat and those 2 girls saw I was dry and they say: why she is not wet at all! btw the speed boat cause 1 of my friend's back injured. She says it was hurt at the spine area so we were quite worry for her.

The people there bring us to our Frontbeach chalet and it was like a little house. All in blue just like shown in the picture. There where 1 Masterbed and a single bed as there were 3 of us. When you open the door of your room, you can see the white sandy beach and the clear blue sea water!!! 3 of us are so excited minus off the speedboat incident.

I just feel like rolling on the white sandy beach. The sand is so fine and nearly like flour! It is just like a paradise. You basically do nothing on the beach. You can bring some books or novels there to spent your time. Or you can just sunbathing. You can also snorkeling or kayak and all of the equipment there were free. Yes! FREE! You just need to put a RM50 deposit and other than that, use up everything there!

On the first day, we just enjoy sitting on the beach, playing the seawater and mostly explore the beach. There is a small jetty but wasn't belong to Alang's Rawa cause we came down the speedboat right on the water instead of jetty. There are little playground where there is a slide which you can play! I think it belong to the resort beside. There were 2 difference resorts, one is Alang's Rawa and another one is Rawa Safari where the rate is 2 times than Alang's Rawa. You can see a trend there where mostly foreigner stay in Rawa Safari while Alang's Rawa mostly are local. You can go to Safari as well because the beach were attached and they are shared among 2 resorts. At first my friend and I thought Safari were at another island.

Our first dinner was awesome and I am very impressed with their food. Very nice but very salty. It will be perfect if minus off the saltiness. Usually there are 3 difference type of choices for you to choose, either fish, chicken or squid and 2 side dishes which include rice, potato, salad or vegetable.

My friends slept early that night due to tiredness. But I was waiting for Euro Final and watch it until 5am. I was so happy that Spain won!!! Finally get to revenged on Ballotelli! Yet I still manage to get up early the next morning!!!

We woke up at around 8 something in the morning and had our breakfast. Choose between scramble eggs or fried eggs and they will give you bread and fruits.


After breakfast, we get around again and have tonnes of photos!

Our lunch! Again, 3 different choices for you to choose. btw the prawn was awesome!!!!! As well as the chicken too.

After lunch, we are ready to get wet! We change our swimsuit and took all those gear needed for snorkeling and start enjoy our 2nd day in Alang's Rawa!!!

Our dinner!!! I have no idea why this particular night, we can choose anything from the menu! I have no idea why all of us make up that night. It's like a very grand night. Maybe because it's the last night and we want to make it special!

After dinner, we lie on the sand and watched the sky, chit chatting and listening to music. This life is so perfect!!!

On the last day morning!!! we woke up very early and wanted to watch sun rise. At first want to go for hiking. There were a place with stairs where you can climb up a hill and watch sunrise. Too bad, Yun injured and we canceled our plan. We just sit and beach side to wait for sun rise.

Breakfast with 2 choices, fried eggs or pancakes.

If you don't want to bring book, there are lots of books and novel free for you to read. There are even some puzzle game and scrabble for you to waste your time!

Until the last day only we realize there were snack during 4-6pm. -_-!!! So I have no idea what they served for snacks! Let me know when you try it next time!!

You can see the boat we took on the last day is different from the boat we took on the first day cause we upgraded the speedboat ourselves! This is much more safer and bigger and it does not keep on hitting the boat by the wave. We actually add a RM 50 each for this boat because my friend's back really injured and that affect her whole trip there. So next time you may ask to upgrade yourself but this boat was actually speed boat of Safari Rawa. Maybe because their charges is much more expensive so they have better transport.

Well, totally have fun during the stay at there. We spent at least RM 700 each after adding up everything. I mean the extra food and drinks we ordered, the bus tickets etc. Some of the food and drinks we ordered they didn't put into bill. Either they don't really mind or they forgotten.