Sunday, February 27, 2011

likthing farewell to ang-mo-land!

Likthing and I

Likthing is going off to America on next friday.
we promise to have gathering every year during cny but during this cny she can't make it.
so i turn into an ah long and keep asking about when did she free for a farewell before she go to america.
we date at Portuguese settlement and had dinner at there.

while waiting their arrival, weiling and me had fun at the bridge.
ok well... this place is so familiar for me as i grew up here.
every time whoever birthday in my family, we will come here to have our dinner.
since like don't know when, we really seldom come here.

i know i look thin in this photo but i am not!

Weiling and I

on the bridge

this application is so much! haha

after everyone was here. we had our dinner.
today those who attended the dinner include Likthing, Weiling, Lingpei, Lichen, Jialing and I!
we really have fun in this session although the food wasn't that nice.


Portuguese Bake fish

sambal otak-otak

garlic butter crab

likthing and i came to had seafood together few years back. only both of us!
there is 10 stall and we choose stall 6. 
but yesterday night, both of us thought we chosen stall 5 so we stick to stall 5 and the food wasn't really nice.

after dinner, we just hang around the place and had photos together.
i wonder how many people actually look at us due to our craziness.
we really don't bother whoever around us and just keep on taking photos...
we try our best to fit all 6 of us into iphone screen and start to take photos. HAHA

the effect too RED!

us trying to fit 6 big faces into iphone screen -_-!!!

caught! not fast enough to change pose. hahaha

yeah we are that crazy!

i swear i did not wear eyeliner!

awww so sweet!

then we went to had our supper in a duck mee stall!
the food there is superb!!

chicken legs *love*

duck mee *extra love*

after that, we went back and there is the end of the day.
hope to see you soon likthing!!

Friday, February 18, 2011






Wednesday, February 9, 2011

just married

one of my best friend is going to married soon. she told me about it few days ago. i was a little surprise at first cause i wasn't think it will happened so soon. but after a while and i thought about it. actually me and those friends around me already at the age of getting married and have their own family. there was nothing to be so surprise about. only that this is one of my really close friend that's why i have feel about it.

hey melissa! how old are you now? people are getting married and having boyfriend now and what are you still doing? still being single and lonely!
yeah i am single so what? i am very happy with my life now and happy being single. nobody trying to take over my life and i have total of 24 hours for myself and do anything i like!

well... i am having split personality now wtf

i remember i used to have a thought--everyone come to the world alone and eventually everyone will leave the world alone. everyone is lonely even though they have somebody beside them or having partner or whatsoever. so it's not very important for me to have a boyfriend or what.

maybe someday when i get angry or moody or do something weird people will scold me 老处女变态。 which direct translate as perverted old virgin. haha!

i really want to wish my friend to have a happily ever after life after married! wish her all the best as she is my best friend. i also hope that i will be able to attend her wedding dinner. according to her it will be around end of this year but her registration will next month! argggg... it's just too soon!

as for me, no worries... i believe in fate and if i have faith of it, soon or later, my another half will come to me in no time. or maybe when i was 50 only i will meet him! hahaha... full of crap! life is short! enjoy life first!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011