Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i know what you did last last weekend!

last last weekend... wow! seem like so long ago... right before i end my holiday, likthing came back from KL since she decided not to accept her job anymore! she say her luck wasn't so good recently so she wants to go for praying in temple. i agreed to accompany her and we had plan our whole day!

we had chicken rice as our brunch. we always have brunch instead of breakfast or lunch. i really wish someday after we married, we still able to date and come out for brunch... ok fine out of topic.

after brunch, we go to karaoke session! it has also become a traditional for us to have singing session! really enjoying as we know each other song and can sing together. just nice there are only 2 mic in a room so 2 of us is just nice as well. no need to fight for the mic!

after karaoke session, we went to temple to pray. of course, no wrong if i pray as well. honeslty, i don't have any real religion and i am free thinker. i don't mind praying in any religion but i mind being convert. cause i believe in all religion and i think all religion as its own teaching. the teaching is more important than converted into the religion.

then, we go jonker walk for some food and walk around before we go to Overtime. we have also date Jeslyn, Jialing and Lingpei. i suddenly remember about christine when we reach OT. so i ask her out as well.

it's so enjoying able to gather with friends. likthing and i had starker. there is promotion where we buy 1 starker they will free 1 small size starker to us. somehow the waiter that serve us is being so nice! he even give us other 2 flavor of starker for us to try after we ordered us. maybe he saw this 2 pretty girls so he award some to us.

there is also live band performing. it is more like a cafe than pub. a cafe that serve alcohol. next time i want to try flammingo or something wild! rather than starker.

i think both of us are little drunk and we are also a little high. alcohol really can change a person. we are so relax and seem to forget everything... just enjoying the moment with our friends...

i really miss the time we had together! i had missed the chance to go singapore and celebrate christmas with them! i am definitely going back for new year!!!

somehow clinical years make me feel better and i am able to study better as well. maybe because we don't have weekly assessment and that don't stress me. but i will initiative to study myself even there is no exam. to prepare myself so that i will serve my patient better... maybe that's the force that pushing me. hopefully my graduation day is soon!

their graduation

I went up to PICC on 17th Dec for Mei's graduation. Since my family and relative already went to Hanoi on the day before. Kinda sad because all of my relative went and only my sis, another cousin and I didn't go. Mei told me about her graduation quite some times ago. I also promise that I will go for her graduation. So no matter what I have to go.

I reach there around 11am and her convo is still going on. So I found Chia, Fern's boyfriend and sit with him to wait them to come out. Bought a flower for Mei. I can't just go there empty handed right... While waiting, Mei's uncle and aunty arrived. Together with her cousin and her 2nd brother. Had conversation with Mei's family as I am quite close with them. Mei came out around 12.30pm. Had photo session with her family and friends.

arggg!!! i love her so much!!! she's so cute! so natural! and she bring joy to everyone!

After all the photo session, I drove her back to her house. I stayed with her until she go back to Sabah the next day. Stay over with her in her grandma house together with her grandma. Somehow I seem like becoming one part of her family members.

On the next morning, we had breakfast together and then Mei go to buy some stuff that she wanted to bring over to Sabah.

Mei asked me, how long since we last meet. And i thought back, it has been around half year since we last meet. Our last trip was our Cameron Highland trip. Time really flies..... but friendship stay. It has become more to like family instead of friend.....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas *updates*

Christmas is going to end in 25 minutes.
I have nothing better to do in the special occasion. went to church this morning with grandparents and then stay at home whole day long.
Getting use to the life i am having now, which is peace. But i really miss my friends in Melaka.
Some of them went to Singapore to celebrate, some was bored because I wasn't around and nobody to accompanied.

Christmas remind me of the craziest Christmas I had few years back.
I was in foundation that time. I remember I was going to have exam on 2 days after christmas.
So we did not celebrate christmas at all and only me and roomate was at home.

I wasn't satisfied at all cause we only stay at home whole day to study.
At christmas midnight, my net friend ask me out. He was bored at home as well.
So i agree. out of my expectation! cause we never meet before.
Kinda weird but its enjoying... at least there is some people who accompany each other during this special day.
I wonder how come I was so daring that time... never thought that he might be the wolf and eat me off. Luckily he is a good guy.

Merry Christmas!!

just right after i post my blog, my cousin phone me asking for another friend's phone number.
my friend was my tuition friend during secondary and too bad i don't have her phone number. so i say i try to ask other friends that know her.
i went to her fb and post and ask for her phone number from her friends.
and then suddenly my cousin phone me and say: YOU ARE MY SAVIOR!
hahahahahaha!! i was confuse! i didn't do anything!

cousin says: you posted in fb right?
me: yeah?
cousin: she saw it and open the wooden door for me!! luckily!! she nearly go sleep already and she saw that post.
me: owww.... *only realize what's happening." fb really keng!
cousin: yalor! you are my savior la! i owe you once!!
me: hahahaha... never mind. as long as you can go in your house.
cousin: i nearly thinking of going to stay in hotel already!!

well... this is how i end my christmas! hahaha... really very funny!!