Monday, November 26, 2007

family day

long time no update again... what am i doing until update so seldom now...
went back to my hometown, malacca last week and came back this morning to cyberjaya.
went out with yun on friday, had a visit to Mr Wong and chat with him.
then go to mp with yun.
at first we want to watch movie but enchanted is not available yet.
so we just walk around, sit down and talk about our life.
we found out one common thing-- studies are difficult.
then we went to red square, planning to sing k.
but then one room minimum must have 3 person...why got such rules?? stupid.
i called jeslyn and she was sleeping that time.
i think she still sleeping although she answer my phone.
then today when she saw me online she ask me did i call her last friday.
i say ya cause want to call her out.
she say she forget everything except i called her.
she totally forget what i said and what she answered.
i was like..... what the.... really speechelss.
she that day some more can ask me where am i, doing what and together with who.
when i ask she weather wake up already or still in the dream she still can answer me she woke up.
never mind... next time we go sing k again.
cause now only i know malacca also got karaoke box. hahahaha...

i think my parent not very happy with my result although i get A in my math.
i think it is because of physic result.
they should feel happy because i get A and if i maintain A in the final i surely pass this sem easily.
last weekend, on sunday, i accompany my mom to supermarket and buy some grocery. after that we went back home.
after lunch, my mother together with my sister and brother sat in the living room and relaxing.
then we all talk and chat.
my mom says she wants to be our friend, if not we will not tell everything to her.
there are sure to be a gap between us...i mean the parent and children.
it is hard to avoid the gap unless we were being very close since childhood.
and as for my family, we are quite traditional thinking and we will have respect-to-elder thinking.
so i think it is quite hard if we want to be as friends an talk everything.
it is for sure that we will still keep something from them.
ok...out of point.
out of my expectation, we talk quite a lot that day.
talk about everything but mostly our childhood and also about my dad. hahaha...
he was working so my mom talked about him... haha...
of course not about bad things of my dad.
just what happened in our childhood as we can't remember.
when my dad came back from work i heard my mom proudly tell my dad that we talk in the whole afternoon.
and my dad ask my mom what we talk about...
my mom just answered talk we about the past.

for me there surely still a gap between me and my parent.
there are still some things that they can't accept and have different thinking as me.
if we can't agree each other sure will create some argument and dissatisfaction.
i rather keep it to myself then tell them to avoid all the unhappy things happen.
and hopefully every weekend will be like last week... huhu...

Monday, November 19, 2007

photo tagged

i went to amanda's blog and read her post just now... so many updates in one day.
i was tagged by her... and she seems to be very happy and excited to tag me. she put me in the first and extra 2 "!!" exclamation marks at the end of my name.
hahaha... it is not so easy to see me retarded in my picturesss... hahaha...
here go my tagged.

1. A picture of you making a peace sign:

the latest peace V-- in Le Meridien Hotel.

in some lecturer class

in the lab

with mei mei... who was sitting behind??

there are tonnes of picture of me with peace sign. my close friends will surely know that is my signature. hahaha...

2. A picture of you with your friends:

taking in bar-b-q. damn funny... amanda was the camerawoman. haha...

with vietnamese...except the 2 human standing behind us--> i don't know them...

me is secondary school uniform...omg~~

hanging beside the fountain in malacca megamall..

3. A picture of you at a weird / random place:

weird enough???
basically i don't go to weird place... i am a normal human and do normal things... hahahaha...

4. A picture of you in black and white:

erm... can this consider black and white? or blue and white...

5. A picture of you and your hair up:

long hair with hair up?? easy job.

6. A picture of you with a weird face:

this is damned......

this is speechless......huhu...

7. A picture of you wearing black coloured shirt:


aneesah and i at Dr. Lesley wedding dinner...

i realise i have so few black coloured shirt huh...

8. A picture of you wearing red coloured shirt:

errr....can this consider????

i realise i have few red shirt too...

9. A picture of you wearing green coloured shirt:

the only green......
seriously... i don't have much shirt...kakaka....

10. A picture of you with your Halloween costume:

not much different as a ghost... kakakaka

11. A picture with your mouth open:

my birthday at Hassan's...

my mouth clearly was open. did i laugh like 'hohoho'??

12. A picture with a horny/sluty face:

my sister says this look like GRO.... what the..........

or in swimsuit???

time for me to tag other people and see how will their photo be... kakakaka
1. jeslyn!!!! i told you. wuahahaha
2. yun
3. mymaple (do it pleaseeeee...hehehe)
4. 天行者莉璐金
5. ~:*:白雪不是公主:*:~
6. carmenluv
7. sinye
8. cui bap 37

more then enough la~~
only my college life and some friends photo in my laptop so the people you seen will be more or less the same few people.

damn happy!!

i am very happy today...
basically nothing special happened.
just that i get back my mid sem paper mark.
for my math, at last, i get what i aimed.
i get 90% for my mid sem exam and grade A for my total.
at last i get A for my math.
such an embaress not getting A among all these 'people'.
i get A this time and i can laugh as loud as i can... of course, to myself.
i also get back my physic paper actually.
i already know the result even i didn't see the result.
the result really didn't surprise me at all.
but if i manage to maintain the result at the final, i should passed my sem easily.
it is worth to get this kind of result in math...
even the lecturer also congrate me...
he says i had a big improvement...
imagine from C to A!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

short weekend holiday

i went to Le Meridien Hotel on friday together with my family.
my parent came and fetch me at cyberjaya after my class in the morning.
my mother had a conference meeting at there together with my dad.

my mother was sponsor by a milk company for the whole trip.
we are lucky as we get 2 rooms.

one for my parent and another one for my sister and i.

i went to swimming with my sister and brother right after my parent went to the conference.
Hilton Hotel is just next to Le Meridien Hotel.
there are two pools and the pool is not as big as i imagine.

there are so many international people, from Korea,Japan,Philipines i think and a lot more.

we swim for hours then we get ready for dinner by 8pm.

we are served with Lebanese food, not really very nice actually.

the next morning we wake up quite early.
my mom gave us a morning call on 8.30am... that was too early.

we had breakfast on the fifth floor and the breakfast was really good.
of course it should be good.
can you imagine how much we eat for the breakfast???
i cost RM280+++ for 5 of us. just a little breakfast.
can't blame it because it is a five stars hotel.

then i bring my parent to Mid Valley by monorial.
quite embaress to say that they didn't take monorial before. hahaha...
just some window shopping then we went back to hotel.
checked out and i am back in cyberjaya...

guess what?
i fall sick...

damn damn holiday.

i was damned by my stupid nose and throat.
i get serious flu because of my sinus and my throat is sore.
i think the air-conditional in the hotel was too dry...

i have no luck to stay in a five stars hotel and live like a wealthy people.

the flu continues this morning when i woke up and the throat is much more better then yesterday.
i wake up quiet early this morning as i sleep very late yesterday.
some more i woke up naturally.

had medicine for my flu and it is a lot better right now.

my brother sms me and complained i didn't wish for his birthday today.
no choice... called him back and wish him.
he says he wants game for his ps...
no choice again... i asked for it.

i will go to KL with Vu soon.
he want to buys his ticket to go to Singapore as he is leaving soon.

he will go back to Vietnam and not sure want to come back here anymore...

i guess i can deal with separation and farewell pretty good now...
hope that he will choose to come back here again...

right is me and left is Vu.

i will really miss the time we had together......

Friday, November 16, 2007

天青色等烟雨 而我在等你



也就是副歌的第一句:“天青色等烟雨 而我在等你”。

Monday, November 12, 2007


这一次应该可以拿个A吧! 这是我的目标。



我们看Bee Movie。


Monday, November 5, 2007


还真有点侮辱周杰伦的歌。 -_-!!!


这街上太拥挤 太多人有秘密

玻璃上有雾气 在被隐藏起过去

这日子不再绿 又斑驳了几句

剩下搬空回忆的我 在房子里

这感觉已经不对 我努力在挽回

这感觉已经不对我最后 才了解