Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Million Dollar Beauty is having awesome giveaway of Urban Decay Naked Basics palette!!! I know about Naked and Naked 2 but I didn't know about this Naked basics until today!!! I was link to Million Dollar Beauty when I was surfing online about the review of MIVVA box, which I also subscribed for 3 months!

After reading the review, I want this palette so badly! I wasn't eye shadow type of person and seldom apply eye shadow because I always feel like I am messing it up. Maybe I am just not used to the eye shadow. So many people are using this Urban Decay Naked eyes shadow and I first know it from Michelle Phan. I wanted to buy but I think its a waste if I seldom apply eye shadow. Now, I realize there is this Naked basics and I think I should consider having it!

This Urban Decay Naked Basics eye shadows are not shimmering type, which is more suitable for me. I am not into shimmering type of eye shadow because my skin type is combination type, shimmering type of eye shadow will make my face look like oily and I don't like it. All of the colours in the palette are earth colour, which is more easy to applied especially to new user like me!

As you can see in the picture below, see how they compare the Naked Palette from the first generation until Naked Basics! So compact and perfect for travel! If I have this palette, I also can learn a lot of tutorial from youtube on how to apply gorgeous eye shadows!

I think Naked Basics is multipurpose. I can create a simple, natural look during the day and smokey eyes look for night just like what Michelle Phan always taught in her make-up tutorial! With just a little eye shadows palette, I can create so many looks! How amazing make up can change a person look. Eyes are window to the soul. It is so important to create an eye shadow that suit me the most, to bring out my personality and attitude!

You might have a chance to win it too! Believe in yourself and your luck! Have a try! You'll never know if you don't try!

For more info, you can go to THIS blog post!

Good luck!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

little thing

something strike me today so I decide to write it down, something that I would like to remember and recall it.
sometimes, people will appreciate a little thing you do.

as usual, since I'm in psychiatry ward now, I was in hkl today doing my ward work. today my group was assigned to occupational therapy department and attached there. there was this little girl, well, she is not that little anymore as she is 20 years old this year but her mental state is still in 5 years old. she is so eccentric and act like a child. sometime I don't know I should laugh or feel sad for her, but mostly we well laugh at her act, as she being funny. Colouring and doing ABCs.

Wana, one of my groupmate suddenly asked if that little like me when we were reading case file, cause the little girl keep looking at me. But I don't think so cause she keep looking at anyone. she is being curious to anything around her. Then I sit beside her cause I was want to see what she's doing. Then she keep look at me and suddenly she hold my hand. Just a gentle holding. I was quite shock but I just smile at her. So Wana says: see, she likes you! I just smile back and when we were leaving, I went to her to say bye bye and she hold my hand and hug it and don't want to let go. this really touched me. even though her mental state is at 5 years old but she makes me feel warm. her hands are warm and her heart is warm too. if mentally disable people can should such a kindness and warm to us, why we can't do so.

then we were waiting the lift. well, I quite hate the lift in HKL building cause its not strategy at all. narrow and small yet so many people in HKL. everyone is like rush for the lift. then when I got into the lift, I pressed the open button, because in Malaysia, you will never ever see a person hold a lift for you, like NEVER. and I freaking hate people doing do, being the first got into the lift but stand at the corner and don't press hold button to prevent the door from closing before the next people come in.

so there were this parents and a kid on the wheelchair. everyone were going into the lift. I pressed the open button and wait for them to come in because they were the last. After the mother and the kid came into the lift, the father is still outside, the lift was quite packed so I tell him there are some space, he still can come in. he says its ok because he need to take the medication at the pharmacy. So after the door closed I ask the mother which floor she need to go so that I can help her press the button. she says she need to go to 1st floor same like us. in Malaysia you hardly see people offer and ask you which floor to go and help you press even they are blocking the button.

after we reach the first floor, everyone going out so I pressed the open button to let everyone out cause again, it is a rare case for people here to help you hold the lift. then a middle age lady from back of the lift on the way going out suddenly smile and say this to me: thank you for your good deeds for the day! I was stunt and I only able to respond her with 'you're welcome!' while she already far away. well, I never expect people say this to me though. mostly people might say welcome but that's rare. and suddenly this lady says like that to me, I am touched! I was wearing my doctor coat too so I guess at least I am giving impression that not all doctor are arrogant or no feel it etc.

this prove that there will always be someone who see the good things you did. just a little thing and little act, there will be a person who appreciated it, and even there will no return, I will still do it.

Good deeds are spontaneous acts of kindness, accommodation, generosity, benevolence, charity, assistance, help, sympathy or aid, all performed with the simple intention of being helpful and no expectation for compensation of any kind.

Monday, March 18, 2013

life is suffering

doctor definitely didn't cure patient's suffering. they just trying to reduce their suffer. yet life is suffering. seeing so many patients suffer, unwillingly. i am not sure if psychiatry patients aware their behavior or not but i am sure they didn't want to choose this path. so sad seeing them in the ward. 佛说,人生来时受苦的。sometimes, i choose not to see.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. 
I make mistake, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. 
But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best 

p/s: I'm not emo or unhappy. i like this photo and the quote very much so I make it 2 in 1.

Friday, March 8, 2013

MIVVA Beauty Box March 2013 Edition


Un-boxing my March MIVVA beauty box!!!
Still, with their lovely box and packing, sweet notes, greetings card and product descriptions.

I was so happy with the February Valentine's Day Edition MIVVA beauty box so I decided to subscribe 3 more months from MIVVA so that I can accumulate the points and redeem 1 beauty box for free!! I am totally satisfied with their posting service because it is fast and efficient. The product has no defect or leak in any way.

This month I get my personalize card in black. Wasn't a surprise anymore because too many spoiler blogger in facebook and instagram. I tried very hard to not to see what they get for March beauty box but my hands were too itchy and I clicked it! So... I know what the content become it reaches my hands. But I am still very much surprise with the products and the sizes they gave me!

This month's theme is 'Know your skin'. I know my skin is combination to oily type and I am so glad that the products in the box all suitable for me!!

This month's product descriptions sheet is smaller and I think is better.

I got 2 FULL SIZE products again this month and I love it!!!

Product included:
Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish 
Secretleaf Pure Oil Series 01 (FULL SIZE)
Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion (FULL SIZE)
Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel
Esllon Bio-Eye Mask

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish 
RM 150 for 30ml

I know this product from another beauty box which is call Wonderbox. I was quite worry when I first use the product because of the colour of the primer. It look much darker than my skin tone but the texture is light. But after I apply on the face, it totally smooth out and there is no such effect from the colour. The coverage is medium and usually. I am quite disappointed with what they claimed as balances oil production. My face still become oily after 4 hours using it together with my foundation.

Secretleaf Pure Oil Series 01 (FULL SIZE)
RM 75 for 15ml

This is so WOW!!! I can't imagine they gave this as a full size product. It is so multipurpose as it can be use on face, skin and hair!! I haven't try this one but I am sure will try it very soon. I am so happy that they actually give a new product! See the manufactured date!!! Manufactured on 31th January 2013 and only expired on 2015!! I can keep it for so long if I don't open the seal! Oh! they have a seal at the cover to ensure you that it is new and never open before. 

Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion (FULL SIZE)
RM 49.90 for 100ml

I was so so so happy when I saw this!! Last box I got the Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Toner and this month I get the Lotion?!!! In FULL SIZE!! If I continue subscribe MIVVA box I might get whole range of Beautymate product! I was so satisfied with the toner so I can't wait to try the lotion. I tried it on the night I received the beauty box. Similar with the toner, it had very nice smell. After apply the toner then I apply the lotion. Surprisingly not oily at all for me. I saw some other review saying that she feels dry after applying but totally different case for me. Not dry or oily at all! I think it really help my skin cause there are fewer breakouts now. See how much I use for the toner!

Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel
RM 61.90 for 150ml

I wound say MIVVA is not stingy at all in giving their product. They gave us this Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel in 50ml!! They gave me the combination to oily skin which is totally suitable for me skin. This cleaner just come at the right time because my cleaner is finishing soon!!

Esllon Bio-Eye Mask
RM 59 for 5 pieces

Lastly is a piece of Esllon Bio-Eye Mask. I am still considering should I give this to my mom. I wanted to try but I also want to give my mom to use at the same time. haha! I think I should give to my mom and if she says its good then I can go and buy the one in 5 pieces and share with my mom.

In additional, MIVVA box also come with a puppy! A towel puppy and mine is in RED which I really really like it!! My current favorite colour. Sometimes I feel like MIVVA really can read my mind! I haven't unwrap the puppy towel cause I afraid I might not know how to fold it back to original shape. So lets just be like that for now.

This month's vouchers are Murad RM 30 gift voucher and RM 20 voucher from number76. number76 is a salon which most of Malaysia blogger like to go. There are 3 branches around Klang Valley. I am still considering to go or not cause I am worry about the price. I am not that kind of people who spent so much on hairdo. It only expired on March maybe I'll consider if I want to do hair cut or treatment. I was wishing that they will give like free one haircut or free one hair treatment when MIVVA hint in their facebook page, but only RM 20 voucher was given. I am being too greedy as they already gave me 2 full sizes products!!
By the way, who wants the Murad RM 30 gift voucher? I got 3 vouchers now and I don't think I am able to use it all as there is the term and regulation of only 1 voucher per 1 customer per transaction. :(

Not forgetting the MIVVA Point Rewards Program!! I only realize I already have so much point prior to this blog post! Cause I wanted to print screen and I found out that i already have 356 point!!! For redeem a box only need 380 point!!! OMG I can redeem it very very soon!!!


I have no regret after my February MIVVA beauty box so I decided to subscribed 3 more months. Partly for the points so that I am able to redeem 1 free box and also I have high expectation from MIVVA. This month, there are 2 FULL SIZE out of 5 products. I am so happy to get Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion. After toner then lotion. I haven't apply toner and lotion for quite some time because I don't know which product to get and MIVVA gave me just at the right time! So lets do the calculation for this month! The 2 full size products add up is worth RM 124.90 but don't forget the Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel! Divide its size to the price so it's around RM 20 for 50ml. Totally no regret that I subscribed 3 months!! Looking forward for next month box again. 

This beauty box is just like a little surprise or a little thing to look forward. When you are tired or unhappy with what happened around you, or you might have some difficulty in life, or your life cycle is the same and keep repeating the same thing everyday, it is something that can cheer you up, just like how it works on me. It act like a spice or element of surprise once in a month. You can pampered yourself by subscribing yourself just like what I did! Make your life a little bit different and just that little thing, it can hold you up for 1 month.

Lastly, I would say their customer service is really good! Fast and efficient. Email your blog that you already post and they will immediately update your MIVVA point. Few days ago my friend use my referral link to register and she miss understand her own referral link as mine so she thought my referral link is incorrect. She is worry that she did not use my referral link because if she subscribed, I am rewarded with MIVVA points too! So I email MIVVA team and they really assist me very well and ask their IT team to investigate for me. Lastly it was just a little misunderstanding about the referral link.
You can do some research before you subscribed but let me tell you, MIVVA is the best so far. I have seen other blogger subscribed other beauty box and the price is even higher than MIVVA but the products they give was a disappointment. So, I am lucky to have MIVVA!!

If you want to subscribe a box for yourself or your love one

Go to this link :
Facebook page: