Saturday, February 16, 2013

Suki-ya: eat all you can sukiyaki and shabu-shabu

I guess that I haven't post about my trip to Suki-ya.

Suki-ya chained restaurant started quite some time ago. Most of the people around me had went there for the meat and they keep saying how nice was it. But I haven't got the chance to try it out until I saw having discount voucher which only cost RM 20.90 while searching voucher for food to celebrate likthing's birthday. I went crazy when I saw the discount and I ask likthing if she wants it. She agree and I bought 2 vouchers.

Few days later, I found out I won an Ipad Mini from Lewalk form a lucky draw by sharing their facebook page. I was so lucky!!! My sister just bought Ipad Mini 1 week ago so when I told her I won the Ipad Mini, she go into hormone imbalance mode. So I say I'll treat her Suki-ya since it's so cheap and she agree the deal.

I fetch my sister from her hostel and we will meet likthing at Mont Kiara Mall. The day before that, likthing says her boyfriend, Nicholas wants to tag along. Finally got to meet each other.

I guess all of us had such a great time. The food there was not bad, as in we get free flow of meat, either from beef, chicken or mutton. No pork cause it's halal! It will be great if there is pork. We also get 3 free Tori Karaage, which is also fried chicken upon buying the voucher. There is a healthy bar where there are those instant fishball, mushroom, corn, tofu, noodles and lots of choice for vegetable. Few choice of sauces to choose as well but the best is sesame sauce, which you have to request from the waiter/waitress only you will get it.

My sister and I had 11 stacks of meat, mostly beef. Can't imagine how much both of us can eat!! If you are a meat lover, it's totally worth it for RM 20.90.

Lastly, have some ice cream for dessert and a few choices of toppings! There are 2 types of flavor for the ice cream, chocolate and green tea. Personally I really love the green tea ice cream. My sister and likthing ate the chocolate one and they say there is some sour taste. Not sure is because the ice cream gone wrong or it really taste like that.

The price for lunch and dinner are different and lunch are more worth. RM 29.80 for lunch and RM 39.80 for dinner. They gave a limit of 2 hours to have meal there, with FREE FLOW of meat! There are also a-la carte and 4 types of soup for you to choose. I think the Kimuchi soup is not spicy enough. They also got free rice but you'll have to request it as well. But my opinion is, just go there and have the meat. Side dishes at healthy bar, sushi and rice will just make you too full to have the meat!

There will be a paper on the table teach you How to enjoy delicious Sukiyaki!

everyone's stomach so full and happy!!

Happy Chinese New Year 2013

H A P P Y  C H I N E S E  N E W  Y E A R

As usual, CNY for me is go back to Sitiawan. Grandma and grandpa are getting older and older. Time passed really fast.

We were back to Sitiawan on Friday which is the 8th Feb. Had seafood dinner there before reach granny house. No idea why need to have seafood in Sitiawan. It just like custom for us to have seafood here.

On Saturday, I fetch my grandma to a saloon because she wants to blow her hair there. She wanted to go herself but I am quite worry about it so I say I'll fetch her instead. The saloon is so antique! It is in the house and so traditional!!

Had reunion dinner at a restaurant with jetty view! So breathtaking! The food is not bad but too little of us and too much of food and we just can't finish everything.

Outfit of the day #OOTD
Thanks to likthing who gave me that orange dress! Look so simple yet so elegant!

Lots of photos because my mom keep wants to take photo. She says now old already so better take more photo before getting more older.

It is a custom for the Hock Chiew to eat traditional red wine mee sua one first day of lunar cny, giving the meaning of long life and prosperity.

And get angpao from grandparent and parents!

Second day of cny is my grandpa birthday in lunar calender! Hence we celebrate his birthday with cakes and also having dinner at my aunt restaurant. Its seafood day again!!

Got to go back to Serdang on 3rd day of cny because my class start on Wednesday! Such a cruel college who only give 2 days holiday to us! When it's Raya they get 1 week holiday!! Don't tell me such thing like "next time you work you also get 2 days pf public holiday". I am a freaking student and I deserve 1 week holiday!!!

I tried to move forward Friday class to Thursday afternoon and luckily I made it!! So... I am in Melaka on Thursday after my class!! My godmother was so happy and she prepared steamboat at my uncle house! So... this is my 5th day of cny!

Btw I won this galaxy bodycon skirt from Sweet Grocery. Quite a few people ask me where is get this skirt. I'm not sure its still available or not but you can check it out from them!

Got a BIG angpao from my godmother!! <3 p="">

My cny will only end on the 15th which is the Chap Goh Mei! Have fun!! Happy Chinese new year again!!