Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MIVVA beauty box Christmas Edition

It is really sad to hear that MIVVA is going to stop it's beauty box and focus more on their online store. MIVVA is really the best beauty box compare to other which is available in the market currently. MIVVA beauty box Christmas Edition is going to be the last box for 2013.

I have deleted all the photos taken in my phone so I get all the photos from MIVVA website.

As you can see from photo above, Christmas edition box is so FULL!

Neuzell Oxyvene Bubble Cleanser 10ml
RM 89.90 for 100ml

I am using this currently as cleanser at night. My bottle has some pump problem but it's not a big deal. It is good as it has bubble but doesn't cause dryness to the face after using it. It is also effective on acne-prone skin.

URIAGE Gyn-Phy Feminine Wash
RM 24,90 for 200ml

No this is not a facial cleanser but a feminine wash!! hahaha! Luckily Fiona remind me before I used it. It is very gentle and the scent is acceptable. I got a 50ml from MIVVA box and I think it is totally sufficient for me to use one whole year! It only need pea-size amount for that area.

Redflo Hair Shampoo
RM 69.90 for 750ml

I get 2 sachets in my beauty box and this shampoo helps restore brittle, dull or dry hair. Everyone must have their hair problem and this shampoo helps to make hair more stronger and smoother.


Beautymate Cherry Blossom 2-in-1 Baby Skin Ultra Moisture Barrier Mask + Natural Care Moisturizing Peeling Gel
RM 9.90 for 1 piece mask & 2ml Peeling Gel

I have used the moisture barrier mask and I nearly throw away because I did not read about the peeling gel, luckily I read it before I throw it away. My face feel so moist after using it. Haven't use the feeling gel but I'll use it tonight!

Secretleaf Men Original Face Wash
RM 15.90 for 95ml

This is the first time we received a men's product. I gave it to my brother hopping he will give a good comment about it.

Miacare Acne Patch
RM 9.50 - RM 13.70

I have tried this product long before MIVVA box give us this sample. I would say it is effective on acne which is 'rippen', not for those which is too big.

SHAIRE LONDON Silk Classic COllection Hair Perfume (Dry Shampoo)
RM 35.90 for 60 ml

Although this is not the first time I heard about dry shampoo but it is the first time I am using it. I am so not use to it although it does make the hair feel fresh and clean, but I just need to wash my hair everyday. It is good to spray it on before leaving the house to make the hair look fresh.

Posh Foot & Body Lotion
RM 129 for 250ml

I have too many lotion to use after subscribing MIVVA box! It moisture and hydrate my skin very well.

Lastly, a loofah again from MIVVA box. Love it so much. and a mystery gift, which is a pair of earring but... I don't pierce my earlobe so I gave it to my sister.

Time passes so fast. I remember I subscribed first MIVVA box during Chinese New Year and now... MIVVA box going to ceased out... kinda sad... However, I enjoy very much during this year and get to know a lot different products and brands from MIVVA box. I truly wish them all the best!

Sunday, January 26, 2014



Was in Adidas shop today as my brother wanted to buy a sport shoes. Here came a father and a teenage son. The son was asking to buy an ipod thingy which cost around RM 100+ and the father was saying 'i don't have money!'. It was quite loud and my mom and I turn unintentionally and I think the father was embarrassed. I regretted that I turn and see.

At last, the teenager get what he wanted. I did not see his father anywhere nearby... How come a child can't understand their parents bitterness?  I will be so sad to be the father.

Well, the same thing happened to my brother as well. He wanted to buy a sport shoes and I tell him find a shoes that not more than RM 200. There are sales everywhere and you can easily get a sport shoes under Adidas or Nike just less than RM 200. But after looking around, he wants some shoes that is much more expensive. So I tell him either get it or leave it.

Then he started make sour face. Then my mom came and help him to find. I told my mom, just give him RM 250 and let him buy himself. If it exceed the budget then he just has to pay himself.

End up he got an Adidas worth RM 360! Wtf. Just because of his sour face? Seriously I was pissed... Like for 5 minutes. Mom was complaining how he spend but end up letting him spent as he like... How to teach if my mom behaving like that. I can't say anything because she is my mom and she got her own way of teaching. But if I were her, I will just give the amount that I think is appropriate and you just have to pay yourself if it exceed the budget. Seriously, you can just get a Bata sport shoes instead!

Teenager nowadays is so branded minded! I seriously was really afraid of these kind of people. My brother was asking for a Macbook Air, Ipad, new phone. Some times I just feel like give a slap on his face. How come he can't empathy my parents?

I am brand minded as well but I know I am not working and I do not earn any money yet so I don't ask for luxury things from my parents! If I want to buy something, I will pay with my savings. I bought my own phone when I work part time. If I want bags or cosmetics or skin care, I use my own saving money as well. I don't really ask extra money for things I want... I won an Ipad. If not, I never thought of owning one at all! I have all the money for beautybox is because I get monthly incentive from Themalaysiastreet.

Everytime I see these things, I'll reflect on myself and remind myself not to be someone like them. Can't they see the living cost is rising and parents are barely trying very hard to support a family, support their child to college or university, trying to pay insurance. Ending up how much they can save for a month to backup for emergencies like illness or accident?

Seriously, please, think! Be wise! Be understanding.

Sometimes I hate myself for being so understanding. Why can't I be 败家 as well?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MBBS Final Professional Examination Part 1

As the title above, I PASSED!

Nobody will ever know how it feels! I have go through so much for this. Nobody will understand how I feel day before exam, during exam and right before the result was announced!

We just finish our last paper today. Result was suppose to come out tomorrow. However, at 3pm, our batch leader suddenly ask us to come back to college because result will be announced at 4pm!!! I was so not prepared for that. I think I have panic attack.

I have phobia. It was all like 3 years back again, when I failed my first Professional exam, where I was left alone. Then I climb up myself. Did I ever thought of give up? Yes! Definitely! And the person who always stay beside me are my parents. Today is the day I repay them and myself. Nobody ever go through what I went through. Nobody know how deep I fall. I am lucky that I am able to climb up back, prove that I can do it.

Until I heard my matrix number being call out. It was such a relief. I wasn't confident at all. Of course I hope I passed but you will never know until it really happened.

Thank you very much for everyone who assist me along the journey. Thank you to my discussion group that really help me during discussion. I am sure I will not make it if I did not join the discussion group. I am glad that my housemate and I passed the exam all together. Even though we have argument and disagreement, we are still friends.

Coincidentally, we all wear green!!! We never planned it and did not even realize it until our batchmate point it out! Glad that we all passed! They sit beside me just like the arrangement you see in the photo. My name was called first. It was such a relief with palpitation. Then Wana's name was called, she broked down and cry on my shoulder. 3 minutes later, Deep's name was called and she also cry and hugged me. Then both of them was like crying and hugging me and Mr Hazem, our Surgery lecturer saw and he smiled......

There are a few who did not pass and I hope that they will passed their resit paper. I totally understand that because I have gone through it... Hope to see them in Sem 10.

Finally, I have 3 weeks holidays and finally I am able to celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days straight!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I am surprised that I did not blog on last day of 2013.
2013 had been very good to me, yet I still have ups and downs. I would like to conclude that it has more ups than downs...

First day of 2014, start off with ups and downs too. A lot choice to choose today.... To be happy or sad, to go or not to go, to be or not to be.

2014 will be a very important year for me. I don't do resolution because I don't believe in it. But this year, I wish I am able to graduate on June. More important, to pass my Professional Exam Part 1 in this coming 16th January. 2014, please be good on me. Let me pass then celebrate CNY like nobody business please. Then let me pass Professional Exam Part 2 in June. I really need this!

Today was a great day. I get to spent time with my friends, which more like family than friend. I am blessed to know Mei and her families and we are like family. Her brother, Shawn, cook all this for us! As if we won't be able to eat this again!

And my love! They are really special to me! I actually wish she is my daughter. 

Really miss the time we had especially our trip before their graduation.