Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MBBS Final Professional Examination Part 1

As the title above, I PASSED!

Nobody will ever know how it feels! I have go through so much for this. Nobody will understand how I feel day before exam, during exam and right before the result was announced!

We just finish our last paper today. Result was suppose to come out tomorrow. However, at 3pm, our batch leader suddenly ask us to come back to college because result will be announced at 4pm!!! I was so not prepared for that. I think I have panic attack.

I have phobia. It was all like 3 years back again, when I failed my first Professional exam, where I was left alone. Then I climb up myself. Did I ever thought of give up? Yes! Definitely! And the person who always stay beside me are my parents. Today is the day I repay them and myself. Nobody ever go through what I went through. Nobody know how deep I fall. I am lucky that I am able to climb up back, prove that I can do it.

Until I heard my matrix number being call out. It was such a relief. I wasn't confident at all. Of course I hope I passed but you will never know until it really happened.

Thank you very much for everyone who assist me along the journey. Thank you to my discussion group that really help me during discussion. I am sure I will not make it if I did not join the discussion group. I am glad that my housemate and I passed the exam all together. Even though we have argument and disagreement, we are still friends.

Coincidentally, we all wear green!!! We never planned it and did not even realize it until our batchmate point it out! Glad that we all passed! They sit beside me just like the arrangement you see in the photo. My name was called first. It was such a relief with palpitation. Then Wana's name was called, she broked down and cry on my shoulder. 3 minutes later, Deep's name was called and she also cry and hugged me. Then both of them was like crying and hugging me and Mr Hazem, our Surgery lecturer saw and he smiled......

There are a few who did not pass and I hope that they will passed their resit paper. I totally understand that because I have gone through it... Hope to see them in Sem 10.

Finally, I have 3 weeks holidays and finally I am able to celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days straight!!!!!!

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