Monday, September 24, 2012

my birthday celebration

celebrated my birthday briefly with my close friends and family. really appreciate to everyone that take some time to wish me. Special thanks to peyyein and christine k. to wish me via sms. now everyone using fb. last time was letter, then birthday card, then email, later sms, now is fb.

as i grow older, i don't have the urge to celebrate birthday anymore. its just like another day. nothing really special. so, next time when the kids are still young, fulfill whatever their wish on how to celebrate birthday.

thanks to jeslyn and jl to give me birthday surprise. my birthday was on friday and i was in KL, only travel back on the evening. jeslyn and jl suddenly show up around 9pm, where i never thought they would be. birthday surprise suppose to be at the midnight, the moment before your birthday and the moment before your birthday end. they really surprise me! you can see i am still wearing home cloth.

thanks jeslyn for the present! i really love it. first, it is a handmade card. it was very special and we both saw it at jonker before this and we really love the creativity. she also gave me Lancome blush!!

my family and i had my birthday dinner at Fat Lee, a restaurant in Melaka. I am craving for the cili padi cream crab. a little disappointed as the place had renovation and i think they had a new management. now its more like entertainment place rather than restaurant. there were singer singing on stage and i don't really like it. yet, the crab is still awesome!!

lastly, had my dinner on another day with Likthing. she specially booked the dinner with me. we were at KL so we meet at Lot 10. Glad to have dinner with her, cause we basically just forget everything when we meet. she was sick during that time but she feel better after meeting me. i was very busy in the ward for my new posting yet i forget all the tiredness after meeting her.

simple. yet full with love.

Friday, September 7, 2012








Sunday, September 2, 2012

after raya holiday


Went to babysitter house to visit my babysitter, had fun with this little monster, which is my babysitter's grandson.


 Candy stackable friendship bracelet. All DIY!
Except for the Casio watch. Freaking loving it!! So vintage and easy to match with everything.

Outing with Likthing.

Had dinner at Senju Tei Japanese Restaurant in Melaka.
Great environment, great food, great service!



Start of orthopedic posting. Home cook for whole week!


spaghetti. my favorite! 

beef with rice. my first try. turn out to be good.

learn how to stitch during CST class. of course, stitch on a fake one instead. practice make perfect

cut. bleed. stitch.


Happy Merdeka Day aka independent day!
had a great vietnamese coffee at home.


the time where you can see fb status full with 'wake me up when september ends' status, including me!!!

a gift from Jeslyn from HK disneyland!! ♥ ♥ ♥
I choose in dark so I didn't know that it was in blue and there is a letter M means Mickey and Melissa as well! It become a surprise when I found it out.

first try of blackball. kinda like snowflake but still it's melaka standard.

steamboat with Jeslyn and Jialing