Sunday, July 18, 2010

we are never born and will never die

i saw in one of the website where the author wrote this:

We come to the world to enrich it. In fact we are never born and will never die. We have existed always and will exist always, only in different forms. We are part of each other. You, me, the mountains, the oceans, the trees, the fish, the birds and the kitty that is curling on my lap, are one in essence. But we are not aware of it, because this illusion of individuality has separated us. If you become aware of this oneness, you will come to see that kindness to others is kindness to yourself. And likewise cruelty to others is cruelty to yourself. We are like cells in the same body. Our wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of all other cells.

so meaningful and how many people actually think like this?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

no idea what will the future be, that's way i'm always stuck in the past.

and so, i have been sign in and out of my blogger for like don't know how many times.
there is a lot in my thought and i just don't know how to write it in words.
and i also type and delete again and again as i just think it doesn't really reflect what i was thinking about.
seriously melissa? are you having psycho problem now?

well, it will be very simple if i just be a psycho.
but eventually i am not and i am stuck in this life.
it's easy to say this and that but it is very hard when you wanna do it.

honestly, half of me want to pass and half of me want it to fail.
that's why i'm saying i am crazy.

if i pass, and i will have to continue my current life.
stuck in nowhere and don't know what i want.
i just can't find myself and i am lost.
in the same time i still can enjoy my miserable life with my friends...
i want to go to Chin graduation day.
it was on my first day of orientation, if i pass.

if i fail, i already plan ahead.
to prepare if that really happened, which i feel there is a chance of getting fail.
no matter how hard i study it will still be the same.
you might say i am lazy and study not hard enough... well... be with it.
and if that really happened, i might as well stop studying and start working...
i really don't understand myself...
why am i need to put myself into this miserable life?
why in the very first place i don't just choose a simple course which only need 3 or 4 years of study.
and by now i will be graduating and working like almost half of my friends.
it's like a kind of hormonal imbalance in me seeing most of my friend going to grad or already graduate and start working and i, me, need to stuck in this life.
but i know what will it be if i fail, what my parent will think and how will they react to it if i propose that i don't wanna study anymore...

well, most of the people say study life is the best.
college life is the best.
not in my case!
yes, study life is great, but it was when i was in secondary school.
i agree that it was the happiest time during my life... with my gang of friends.
i can't say the friends in college is not good but it just very different from my old gang.

sometimes, i just wish i would born i a family with the parent is not highly educated...
then they will be so satisfied if their children will be able to just pass their exam.
i know money is very important, and without money you really can't do a lot of things...
but because of money then you have to make your life sad... its like so saddening.

done... i think finally i just wrote everything what i wanted to write...
no idea what will the future be, that's way i'm always stuck in the past.

Monday, July 12, 2010










Saturday, July 10, 2010








Friday, July 9, 2010

what is hazard light/double signal and what are the uses of it

i can't believe some people are just so @#$%^&!!!

a simple question: what is the use of double signal(hazard light) of you car?
a damn simple answer: its for you to use when there is an emergency, or when your car break down and you need help. full stop!

and there is one guy who laugh/complain/swear at other people when they drive and didn't on the hazard light when it's raining.

i would laugh my lung out to those who on their hazard light when they drive on road during raining.

it's illegal to use hazard light when the vehicle is moving.

only vehicles that are disabled or lawfully stopped can have hazard lights it use


"Most commonly, hazard lights are used on a disabled car which has been pulled to the side of the road. Especially at night, they increase the visibility of the car so that it will not be hit. It also alerts drivers to the fact that there is a problem of some kind, and some drivers use hazard lights to ask for help, usually in combination with leaving the hood up. Responders to an accident scene may also use their hazard lights to warn drivers about unusual conditions up ahead, and to help clear a lane for the accident."

"If visibility is low, such as in rain or snow, please use your *regular* lights, which have lights in both the front and the back and stay on constantly, rather than the hazard lights. Hazard lights are to indicate that you are a hazard, because you are traveling much slower than other traffic or are stopped in an improper parking space, not that there are hazardous conditions."

"It is a very bad idea to drive in snowy/rainy conditions with your hazard lights on.
If you are using your hazard lights, it is expected that you are stopped and pulled over on the side of the road. You are not telling other drivers anything they do not already know by using hazard lights in snowy conditions.
If a driver catches up to someone with their hazard lights on while driving and slow speeds, they could interpret this as the vehicle is stopped, and attempt to go around, but if the vehicle is not stopped and the following driver attempts to pass, this could put them into the ditch."

so by now anyone who drive should know that the double signal is not meant for you to on when it's raining.

even the rain is so damn heavy and the visible is so damn low, just on your regular light and it's sufficient.

there is no different between the break light which is red colour and double signal light which is yellow and people which is not blind yet will be able to see your vehicle.

maybe he should find out the definition of "argue".
- to give reason (for or against a proposal, proposition, etc.)
- to give reasons for and against, discuss, debate

argue doesn't only mean fight or quarrel but also TO GIVE REASON.
by the way, it's meaningless to ARGUE with those who don't understand.
already given all the facts to them and they still insists they are right.
so... no point.

people, don't use hazard light aka double signal when you are DRIVING, means that your car is still MOVING, because people might misunderstood that your car is having PROBLEM and need HELP or going to STOP as the double signal aka hazard light is meant for car that need HELP and having EMERGENCY or BREAKDOWN.

i will not only laugh my lung out but also laugh my ass out if i saw any driver that on their double signal/hazard light when there is heavy rain on road.
why it's call hazard light?? you know it yourself by now!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i'm having too much of daydreaming recently.....
how to stop all of this nonsense??
i don't mind if i daydream and it will become in real life.
but the fact it my life is completely, totally, oppositely from my daydream T.T

please come back to reality melissa. come back~~~ come back~~~~~~
i wonder am i having psycho symptoms...... haha...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Port Dickson holiday

my family and i went to Port Dickson for holiday last weekend.
my dad had conference over there and Novartis company sponsored him to stay at Thistle Hotel.
we just check online and found out that it is a 5 stars hotel.

Thistle Hotel

Thistle Hotel

Thistle Hotel

huge bed

hotel swimming pool

the decoration was nice but it doesn't really look like a 5 stars hotel.
the dinner for the first day is not so good but the day after was not bad.

then at first night we have to go down lobby to watch football as it was not shown in any channel in the hotel room. how dare they say they are 5 stars hotel.
had a great night as Holland win over Brazil! haha!!
my sis support Brazil and i support Holland.
she can't believe kaka's team lost.

me, jen and alvin

me and jen



me and jen


mom and jen

then Uruguay and Ghana match was so damn awesome!
everything was full of drama and it was so excited!
i can't believe Suarez actually use his hand to prevent the goal. haha!

my dad went to has his conference, my mom and 3 of us have fun and relaxing around the hotel.
my sis and my bro went for swimming for the second day and then we went to beach.
the beach was so damn dirty and have a little distance of sand only.
how good if there were more sandy place there.

Thistle Hotel






me and jen

that night we watch Argentina and Germany match in our room as TV2 show the match.
too bad Maradona has to pack his thing and go back Argentina... don't cry for me Argentina!!
Germany coach Joachim is still so handsome!
then my sister and i went down to lobby to watch another match between Paraguay and Spain.
luckily Spain won!





dad and mom

alvin, jen & me

finally i have holiday after so long of suffering.
i will try to be a better girl.