Friday, March 30, 2012

your one stop to everything pretty!

I've stock up lots of accessories recently. Sheabelle is one of my favorite site for my accessories. I've bought rings and bracelets from their site. They also have necklaces, earrings, bags and also headbands!

both of this is the latest items i get from Sheabelle. the 'Love' ring really look like full of LOVE

This was the third times I bought from them. They always have promotion on and off, like free postage or buy 2 for a cheaper price. Just like their facebook and you can get updates from their site easily.

i actually bought the white colour ring twice, just to back up one of it. cause it look so elegant and i like it so much. even my friends love it!

don't need to worry of your rings or bracelet become out of shape. cause they will provide gift box for your accessories, and its FREE!!!

I will still go back for more of their accessories cause it's addictive and you will always want all of the accessories, if can. haha! all of the rings and bracelets are so unique and you will not find it else where!
totally fits their motto- your one stop to everything pretty!

I was given RM 5 discount for my next purchase because my photo was uploaded to their 'Shaebelle's happy customers' album in facebook! see how great they are!!!
Ok! now i want this bat ring!!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

runaway in weekends

I went to a short weekends holiday 2 days ago.
Evelyn and I consider of having a short holiday 1 months ago but we really start planning 1 week ago.
Since there are only 2 of us, it is quite easy for us to plan as we only need to fit both of us timetable.


So I did some research online for resort and finally I choose Puteri Bayu Beach Resort and did reservation on Tuesday.
Other than that, there are not much things to be done. We just plan to let it be easy and free.

Evelyn came to find me in Sitiawan on Friday since I am having my clinical posting over here.
She stays overnight in my grandma house with me on Friday, then we start our journey on Saturday morning.

We woke up at 7am to get ready and too 9am ferry. It only cost us RM10 for return ticket. Don't worry to miss any of the ferry because there is ferry for every half an hour.
There were actually 2 stops in Pangkor Island. We get down on the 2nd stop which is also Pangkor Jetty as it is nearer to our resort.



We took a taxi to our resort which cost us only RM10 for a whole taxi. If you go in group, it will be more worth.


There will be a lot people approaching you right after you get down from ferry. Some will ask you if you need to rent a motorcycle or even a car! Motorcycle renting start with RM 20 for a day and for car it is RM 65. it's kinda expensive but I have seen only RM 35 to rent a car over there. Be wise and know how to bargain with people there

When we reach our resort at around 10am, we are unable to check in because it is fully booked.
So we leave our things in the luggage room provided in the resort and went out to rent bicycle. Be wise to bargain again cause usually they will start of their renting price from RM 10 for a bicycle. It actually can be as cheap as RM 5 for 24 hour renting!!

We cycle around the island. It was actually very fun cancelling the hot weather.
We stop by at tourist center for a drink and also shopping. You just need to polish up your bargain skill again over there. Make sure you walk around all the shops for survey before you buy anythings. cause for the same thing and same quality, the price might be different.




We cycle back to our resort after shopping and chill out at the beach and swimming pool!
It was quite hot but windy as well. So it balance up everything and the weather is perfect!








After we check in our room, we were plan to go for swimming but the weather is just too hot.
We went for lunch at the cafe there as we don't want to go out. We had their fried rice. It was nice and delicious but expensive as well! It cost us RM 12 for a plate of fried rice. But it was better than the buffet which cost RM 20 and only 4 dishes was served. We rather go for ala cart.


We go for a nap after our lunch. Well, I am sure a lot people will ask: why you go holiday and sleep?
For both of us, we are not just come to holiday for the sake of holiday. We want to enjoy ourselves as well. Just let everything goes smoothly and no planning. We don't want to make ourselves tired just for the because of 'we came here for holiday so we need to make our journey pack and full of activities'.


So we had our very great nap and off to swimming pool after our nap. The sun wasn't so hot that time and we had lots of fun in the water.



After swimming, we go to seaside since we are already wet. Had lots of picture at the beach while waiting for sunset.
The sunset was awesome!!! Nobody would guess we were in Pangkor. Nobody actually thought it would be so nice and beautiful.
I didn't thought Pangkor will be that as well. This is the first time I were there and it is not as worst as what people commented. 















We had our dinner in the resort as they have BBQ buffet at night and it actually cost RM40 per person. But you can eat as much as you want.
We were actually want to had seafood outside but we figure the price will be about the same and there are only 2 of us. We can eat as much seafood as we wish over here and there are quite a lot of choices.
When the bill came, it only charge us RM30 each. I didn't ask much but I think it is because we are last 2 people who finish our meal as we came in late. There are a lot other people but I think they are with company and family trip.









After dinner, we just walk around shop outside the resort to digest the food we ate before. We were too full because we ate too much.

There were so much stars in the sky while we were walking. So we walk to the beach and out of surprise, IT WAS FULL OF STARSSSSS! The sky was so clear and the stars are so clear as well!!
Both of us was soooo happy as we love stars! So we lay down on the sand and just lie down and watch the sky with full of STARS!
It was perfect! With beach and sand, with the wind, with the sound of sea water hitting the beach......... so enjoying!
This is life!
We are unable to take any pic of the sky with stars. I think, the most precious thing is what when you capture it in your mind instead in the camera.
We just laid there until midnight, with songs playing around, with the breezy wind blowing around, no words can describe how we feel!!!

On the next morning, we had our breakfast which is free for 2 person which come with the hotel room reservation.


Then we go for swimming again. We had done everything in our checklist and we are so satisfied with this trip.
It just light and easy, not hectic and tired, make us enjoy to the max!
And the most important thing, is depends on who you go with. Both of us match up everything we did and that makes everything perfect.


We headed back to the land on afternoon around 12.30pm. Both of us misses our precious time so much.
I think next trip is coming soon!!!


Who say you need to spent much for a holiday? Both of us spent less than RM200 each for this trip. Including hotel and food and expenses when we were there. It was priceless for the happiness we had!