Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2011

Went to Hot Air Balloon Festival 2011 with my friends the other day!
We all woke up around 5 something in the morning, and reach Putrajay around 7am.
Due to last year experience, we have learn how to be an early  bird.
Even though we were there early, we can see there are so many people queue-up to go into the hot air balloon area.
And those who have DSLR have the 'privilege' to go in first.
How smart am I to get to go in there too by using my Smena 8M LOMO camera?! hahahaha...

So lets just enjoy photos I took from there using my digital camera first.

we were there when the sun not even out yet. you can see the sky is still dark.

see the fire in the balloon?

when the sun begin to come out!

can you see how MANY people were there??

i can feel the heat!!!

the balloon is just so colourfull!

just a blink of eye and see the next photo......

so many people crowded in that area


my vietnamese friends and the vietnamese team who came from vietnam to fly the balloon.
they were just too friendly when they meet their country people in foreign country.

the most famous balloon.

the clown

clown with 2 sided face-the happy face

clown with 2 sided face-the sad face

i think this if from malaysia... how ugly -_-!!!

how come the basket is in inside??


don't worry your eyesight is alright! it's the balloon fault! so tricky!




so colourful and natural with the sunshine!



After this will be all from my LOMO camera.
Of course you can't compare to a well function camera.
I know a lot people don't like lomo but it has totally a different feel.

balloons up in the sky!

guess what is this? this is a tree!



the clown


my friend--Vu


Phong and Vu


i like this photo a lot as the colour is so nice!

i like this photo the most.
you can see how the sunlight act with the balloon and give a photo of over-sunlight-exposed.
this is just so natural!!!

sometimes you can't expect what photo you will get from lomo camera.
that's the greatest part! where you can get surprises when you see your photo after process!
i would definitely want to go to hot air balloon festival again next year!!

you may visit my Flickr for more photo from Smena 8M lomo camera

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

photos with stories

This is some photos I too with my Praktica SLR camera.
I am so satisfied with my work!
I can't imagine I can take such a good photo with manual SLR and the outcome is nice...

This photo has nostalgia feel.
I took this photo when I was waiting my sister to buy char kuew tiao.
I saw this little boy helping out his grandmother to wash dishes...
He was opening the tap and let the water run to fill up the basin, then he sit on little chair and help out.
Everyone's life is different, some kids born in rich and get what they want, some kids just have to help up their family in young age.

This waterlily was taken from my house.
Whenever I saw waterlily I'll think of my mom who like waterlily so much!

Another flower in my garden.
This flower just have lots of memory.
It was everywhere when I was young...

This is call cili padi (little chili)
It is planted in my house garden.
Although it is very little but it is very spicy.
Once there were so many cili padi in your garden we even took it to market and sell to the seller.
I remember it was 1kg for RM 5.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

Have a date yesterday with my friends as Ky is back from Singapore!!
Went out with her and Jeslyn... and we watched Source Code as Ky don't wanna watch either Red Riding Hood or Roommate!
I like the storyline of Source Code. 
It's kinda sad but at least it was happy ending. It give people a hope that somehow there is another space afterlife.

We enjoy our time very much as we seldom can meet Ky now as she is working in Singapore.
How sweet for her to bring some snack for us from Shanghai where she was posted to work few few weeks.

Ky have to leave early cause she's having facial appointment. She say her face was terrible as she was too stress and have no enough sleep during her working days.
Then when she was heading towards her car, Jeslyn realize we haven't took any photo.
We were like fans that run towards the car and take pictures of celebrities wth...

Then Jeslyn and I continue walk around dp and mp and have some shopping.
Both 3 shirt for RM 50 instead of 1 for RM 35. I love the prints so much!

Each of the shirt was attached with this.

Are they too free?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

just another rainy day

I woke up by the ringing of door bell of my house and I know someone is coming to collect my house's washing machine. It was broken down last night and my mom and I have to wash all the cloth by ourselves. seriously can't imagine how tired to wash 1 full basket of cloth.

So I wrote in my status: dear future husband, I will not wash your cloth for you. So please buy a washing machine before you even try to court me!

Well, it's just for fun!

After the guy took the washing machine and i realize my car is disappear instead my dad's benz was park outside my house. I was wondering why my dad drove my car.... Just for fun?!!

I plan to go out with Jeslyn today and he drove my car!! Why...... Seriously I don't know how to describe my feeling during that time. I phoned my dad and he say his car petrol tank is leaking... Fine... I just how to forgive him to drove off my car...

It's raining outside now. Guess I can enjoy today fully with the rain...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

rainy day + coffee = happiness

It's rainy day on Saturday!!!

I remember I used to have a blog long time ago. And most of it was written in Chinese.
I always have a habit of having another copy of everything I'm having now.
But I did not actually save all the content of the blog and one day, it's disappear just like that.
I am not able to find back the page and even I type in URL it will be error.

As usual a blog need you to fill in the title, labels bla bla bla...
And we also need to fill in the weather, our own mood and we also can use different colours for front and background for each of the blog... It was so fun.
I guess I develop my blog interest there... and now everything is gone.
Honestly I think blogger is bored that's why I put lots of photo in between my blog...

Done crapping!

雨天 + 咖啡 = 幸福
rainy day + coffee = happiness

i'm going to buy this pair of heels! nice? i know it's nice!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Vietnam Trip day 8th on 2008--last day!

The last day in Vietnam! Time flies...
We woke up early morning and had a group photo with Vu's mom.
She is totally the best mom I've ever seen other than my mom! haha....
She is soft spoken, so lady-like, and she cares so much for us.

After that, we went back to the restaurant we had dim sum to have our very last breakfast in Vietnam!
I miss the food so much. It's cheap and delicious!
We have all sort of Pho, all different flavor.

After breakfast, we walk back to Vu's house and the taxi was there.
We tried our best to fit all of our bags and belongings into this taxi.
We actually nearly call for the second taxi cause we have too many things.

Reach airport--check in luggage. Luckily we did not have over weight luggage!

On plane, 2nd round meal.
I have to say that this trip worth so much as the air ticket was so cheap and we actually took MAS.

The sky outside the plane....

Wish to go travel again... it have been such a long time apart from my last trip...
So many things happened and I've grown up so much, and awake!