Saturday, March 8, 2014

today has been such a dark day

I just get to know that my grandma has just passed away......
Was on Skype 2 hours ago and mom says she and my dad might be going back to Sitiawan next week to visit her... Yet things happened.

I have no regret at all. At least I spend time and had a great time with her for past 2 years.

During last CNY, we roughly celebrate at all as she suffered from dementia. Then later found out that she suffered from ovarian cancer as she has sudden loss of weight.

Has been staying with her during my Pediatrics posting in Hospital Manjung for 4 months. Wasn't easy to stay with an elderly but I have make it. I have tried my best to be the best grandchild. I will bring her anywhere she wanted to go. I would say I treat her better than her child treated her. I am grateful that I went back to celebrate CNY with her every year, unlike some of her children.

The last time I saw her was during my 3 weeks holidays, roughly a month ago. My parents wanted to go back Sitiawan so I offer myself to drive them back. She was bedridden but she still recognise me. Sometime getting better, sometime worst.

In another way, I hope she go in peace with no suffer, especially having cancer at old age is just so suffering.

And with the incidence of MH 370 flight, may everyone be safe.