Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adele - Someone Like You

somehow i feel so peace listening to this song.
maybe is the melody. maybe is the lyric. maybe is her voice.
so powerful and it just carry my thought away....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jay's The Era World Tour concert 2011

Went to Jay's The Era World Tour concert 2011 on the 5th of March.
I was having holiday in my hometown for 3 weeks and I totally enjoyed myself and have good rest.
Even though I only stay at home and some weekend outing with my friends.

i have waited for this for yearssssss

On Saturday, Jeslyn, Jialing and I came to KL and meet up with Lingpei.
We having lots of fun during the journey to KL and keep on heard Jay's song in the radio which make us go crazy.

on the way to KL

After meeting with Lingpei, we went to Sunway Pyramid and meet up Lichen and Kuanyun.
We had our lunch there, and then ahead to hotel.
We booked a hotel 2 weeks ahead and 6 of us will share a room there.
Guess what hotel we stayed!!

guess where we stay!!! this is so obvious! 5 stars hotel!

We went to Bukit Jalil Stadium around 6pm.
We wanted to go at 5pm but eventually grad until 6pm because all of us just can't finish make up ourselves.
As if we are going to some grand wedding or ball or prom! haha!

had my own make-up artist--Jeslyn!!!
on the way to stadium! ky posting non-stop with the ticket!

Reach there around 6.30pm as our hotel is so near to the stadium.
There were so many stalls selling food and drinks around there.
Since we haven't had our dinner so we decided just sit around there and had our dinner.
After dinner, we went into the stadium. A lot people had enter so we don't even need to queue up!

camping before the concert

Sitting at our seat and waiting eagerly!
I am seriously soooooo excited!!!
Finally I can meet my Jay Chou! Which I have follow for 10 freaking years!!
Fall in love with his very first song "hei se you mo" which means black humor, not his look!
But then he gradually become more handsome in this 10 years! haha...
His songs are still awesome!

Waiting the warm-up artist to sing finish their songs and finally Jay appear in 3D!!!
I didn't count how many song have he sing in total but we are so high.
OK fine I am the one that are very HIGH!!!

But the seat we have is just too far!
I only can see very tiny Jay!
I should have bought rockzone!!! He went down and shake hand with them!!!
And seriously, rockzone is so few people!
Then VVIP also get to touch his hand!
Luckily didn't bought VIP if not I will regret to the max, then only reach our seat PS1.
See how far was that!

Everyone follow Jay sing along as all of us is provide lyric on the screen! hahaha...

we have lots of fun in the hotel too!

On the next morning, we had our most delicious dimsum!!
We saw Jay's banner on a board along the way. It was so random!!

Obviously, I haven't get over with Jay Chou yet!