Friday, September 27, 2013

Something good

Even though I had accident during my birthday, quite a bad luck for the past few weeks, I still have good things happened around me!

First, even though I had an accident during my birthday, I still have my family member around and be with me. I think that's the most important things for me. My mom purposely go and bought a cake for me, which actually her favorite cake a day before! hahaha! She also cook a bowl of mee sua and 2 eggs as chinese tradition that we have to eat that on birthday as a prosperity and longevity. Then, we had dinner with my uncle who has the same birth date as me.

Thank you so much to my mother and godmother who gave me angpau and my godmother who purposely bought a dress from Singapore for me! Didn't put make up at all for all the photo I took that day after the shit accident but I actually look great! Maybe because it's full of love!

Second, my best friend, Likthing has purposely organise a small belated birthday celebration for me with her family. We suppose to celebrate it during my birthday that day but I wanted to go back Melaka instead. So during the next weekend after my birthday, she is back to Melaka and ask me go over her house for steamboat with her mom and her boyfriend. I knew she wanted to make it as my birthday celebration but I didn't expect she actually bought a cake for me, sang me a birthday song and ask me to make a wish before blowing the candle. I was quite surprise and I am really appreciate it.

Lastly, I take part in giveaway and I actually won the prize! I decided to collect the prize from Fiona, the blogger of Streetlove in person, instead of asking her to post it to me because I remember once she says that she like active reader and not follow her blog just for giveaway. I love her honestly when she review a product and not bias when she review a sponsored product.

I was actually all the way from Melaka and I am worry if I will be late from the time I promise to reach at her place. Luckily everything went smoothly as I am able to take my repaired car in time. I was quite nervous on the way meeting her. Because she is a beauty blogger and this is the first time I meet her in person! I think she read my blog that's why she knows about my accident. She is so caring and kind as she actually ask about me and the condition of my car. I was really careless cause I forgot to take a picture together with her! She is so kind to me as she added something extra for my birthday!! Even thought it is a little thing but the meaning is so great! I appreciate it very much. Such a great pleasure to meet her in person!

My life wasn't that bad at all! Think positive, be positive. Something good......

Friday, September 20, 2013

MIVVA Beauty Box September 2013 Edition-Glow Gizmo

This month MIVVA box was sent out slightly late. I am a little upset because they didn't announce it on facebook until I asked them personally. I would prefer it they announce it early of the month so I will not have to expect and search for the parcel. Since they will send out every first Monday of the month, I actually anticipated for if since Monday and waited for my parcel on Tuesday and Wednesday yet it did not reach my doorstep. Because I don't want to blow off the surprise of the content I will not search it on instagram with hashtag #MIVVA. But I broke the record for the first time and found out that seem like nobody receive it so I decided to private message them.

Well, actually the reason they gave for delayed sending the box is very acceptable because this month is quite a personalized box. It will be better if they can announced it earlier and before the customer ask them. I'll let you know why later.

Around mid August, MIVVA ask me to fill in a simple survey form for contact lens so yes! this month there is a contact lens for all the MIVVA subscriber. That's the reason why it was send late for the MIVVA box because each and everyone power and colour preference is different so I do understand it take some times to put in different colour and powered lens for all the customer and need to double check the items!

This month's theme-Glow Gizmo
Honestly, I have no idea what's 'Gizmo' so I wiki it and found out there is 3 difference categories for it-technology, entertainment and friction. So lets focus just on 'Glow'.

This month's box has too many sachet. But I don't mind cause there are a few item which I like a lot!
Here is the products description.

Products included:
Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask (FULL SIZE)
Somang Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Toner & Emulsion 
Somang Air-Bliss BB SPF 30/PA
Somang Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++
Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner
Asience Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner
Igel Lenses Miacare Monthly (FULL SIZE)
Arty Professional Mania Face Colour F8 (FULL SIZE)

Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask (FULL SIZE)
RM 36.90 for 7pcs

I received the same brand of mask in July MIVVA box but it's a different range. Last time was a hydrating mask and this time is a brightening mask. I am quite confident with Beautymate product because I have used nearly the whole range since I subscribed MIVVA box and I can say it is quite a affordable and good product.

Somang Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Toner & Emulsion 
Toner RM 174.90 for 160ml
Emulsion RM 174.90 for 160ml

I am quite excited to received this product but I have some breakout after using it. Maybe it is not so suitable for combination-oily skin.

Somang Air-Bliss BB SPF 30/PA
RM 94.90 for 50ml

I am not a fans of BB cream because I always feel the shade is not right for me, either too light colour which make my face appear too white and appear very obvious that I am using BB cream or too dark which the colour look oxidize. I still have a little phobia to apply BB cream because usually I'll remove it after applying on the face which make me look weird. I still prefer a foundation.

Somang Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++
RM 89.90 for 50ml

Of course high SPF sunscreen is a bit plus for a lot of the women but I always have problem with the oiliness few hour after applying it.

Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner
Shampoo RM 14.90 for 220ml, RM 26.80 for 530ml
Conditioner RM 14.90 for 220ml, RM 26.80 for 530ml

Asience Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner
Shampoo RM 14.90 for 220ml, RM 26.80 for 530ml
Conditioner RM 14.90 for 220ml, RM 26.80 for 530ml

I honestly love this product! I used the Shine Therapy first and it really make my hair shine and easily manageable. I can feel the difference immediately after I use the shampoo and before the conditional. No more hair tangle right after I rinse my hair. So smooth and silky. The effect gets better after the conditioner. Even after I tied my hair tightly, the tied mark is less too!

Igel Lenses Miacare Monthly (FULL SIZE)
Daily RM 128 for 30 piece, Monthly RM 138 for 6 piece

I am so happy to receive the contact lenses even though during the survey I filled in that I hope to received a grey colour one but I got the normal lens which I am totally fine with it. I saw a lot people making a big fuss about not getting the colour they wanted. Not only they gave us the contact lens, they also gave a solution with a lens container too! This only provided to the subscriber who get the lens without colour I think. They actually gave the power lens as what I wrote in the survey. How thoughtful was that! That's the main reason why they send out late for this month's box as each and every box is personalised for the customer.

Arty Professional Mania Face Colour F8 (FULL SIZE)
RM 45/shade

Finally I got some Arty Professional product! At first I thought it is a blusher, then later I found out that it is a face colour where you can use it as eyeshadow or as blusher. For me, it can also be as a highlight to make your face look more healthy with glow.

Lastly, every month MIVVA will personally provide a little gift from them and this month, there is a hand-held wooden mirror. So now you can ask the mirror: Mirror, mirror on the hand, who's the prettiest among all? 

I still love MIVVA box the most! Not only they provide quite a few full size products, but they also interchange their product and introduce a number of new brand frequently. Of course not all the products are suitable for me like Somang and I like how the give the difference range of product from head to toe, like shampoo and conditioner for hair, face colour, bb cream and sun cream as make up, Somang product and Beautymate mask for skin care and even contact lens and solution for the eyes. MIVVA always has a reputation of good customer service for me and I think this time, they should inform their customer ahead about the delay before we actually ask about it. I believe everyone will understand the delay. 
For me, MIVVA box is still the first choice for me in beautybox. I have continuously subscribed it since February and I think I will continue subscribe it as I did use almost all of the products they given for me to try.

If you want to subscribe a box for yourself or your bff

Go to and key in MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code: DiscoverMIVVA
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This September

I used to love September but this year I really doubted it. Maybe because I didn't update my facebook status 'wake me up when September ends'. That's why I'm in hell.

On 1st September, I received a call from my house owner saying that she wants us to move out by the end of September. Our contract suppose to end next year June-July. Suddenly she ask us to move out because she was chased out by her tenant. wtf. So she suppose to chase us out like her tenant did to her?

So my housemate and I started to search for house around the area. Searching a house is totally a piece of shit. So many problem in between and currently I am not in a good relationship with one of the housemate. I guess the feeling just build up gradually and even though we are still in talking term, but we are quite sensitive in each other and sometimes do magnified everything little mistake we did.

I thought it will be good on my birthday but guess what? It's a total nightmare! Most unexpected thing happened! I get into an accident!! Who says you can't have bad things happened in your birthday? Well, not I bang into people but is people bang onto my car! wtf! Wanted to settle on the scene but the driver refuse. He wanted to report police so well, fine, go on. I am confident that I am right and if he reported as a police case, I will definitely claim his car insurance for repair!

Wasted 2 hours in the police station. Not that the police is insufficiency, they are quite kind in helping us. Is just that the accident is quite a minor one. So the police officer advise us to settle ourselves instead of report it. I say I am fine with that but the other driver wanted to make a police report so I can't do much. I can obviously see they are trying to help the other driver because surely he is wrong and they are the same race. I am totally fine with that.

But the driver called his dad, bla bla bla, my dad only asked RM 100 from him for the repair and call it off instead of making a report because the driver is a handicape. The driver insist he don't have money and want to make a report even the police says he will get a summons of RM 300.

Wasted whole day there and everything is settled around 7.30pm. Only then we went for dinner as my uncle having the same birthday as me and he would like to treat us dinner. Not really in the mood of celebration but the food is nice though.

Currently, 3 weeks later. I found a new house with my housemates. Bigger and better place compare to the old house. Better tenant as well. I'm going to freaking claim the guy insurance! Prepared all the documents needed and send my car for repair yesterday. So now I am well and healthy. I am still alive. I guess that's what really matter.

Monday, September 2, 2013