Friday, July 15, 2011

part time

missing in action since i start working part time.
i believe in working hard myself and get what i want instead of asking people to buy it.
that's why until now i still haven't change my antique phone.

went to work in Clarins for 15 days now, since 1st of July and end on 31st of July.
people there treat me very good as they know i am doctor-to-be.
people really judge you by your profession.
i am very lucky as well go have very good beauty adviser, Elaine who teach me a lot of things and she treat me very good too. i am not being bullied by anyone and i don't bully others.

get lots of sample from Clarins as well, and today Elaine asked me if i have use finish the sample? if yes tell her and she will give me more.
i guess i really enjoy and have fun working there.
each day listening to other people problem somehow make me feel i am very lucky and should appreciate with what i had.

nobody is problem free and they happy face doesn't mean they are happy.

seen a lot type of people in the market. fussy customer, polite customer and even non-greedy customer...

i enjoy my work and happy with what i earn. my company gave me quite a good pay.

gonna buy Asus special edition laptop with my hard earn money. forget about new phone then.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


















do you believe in fate? yes i do...
i still can't believe that you private message me the other day, right before i want to sleep.
and out of expectation, we actually chat for so long.
you make me think back all those things i've down when i was young, when we were young.
when you actually ask me out, i am surprised!
well, i know, because you just broke up with your girlfriend.
i thought you didn't notice me all this while, or remembered me.
but i think i want to remain the memory, what i did when i was young. it is so clear in my head i can remember every single things i've done.
memory is the sweetest things, and what i did was the sweetest things too!
i wonder if you ever know my feeling towards you when i was young........