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PenDrive - Jolin Tsai's Concert 4th week winner is......

I received a phone call from Suki, a Marketing Executive from PenDrive.
She informed me that I have won 2 tickets of Jolin Tsai concert tickets, and I have to collect the mock up ticket and take a picture in PenDrive main office.
I didn't have any reaction at that time as I thought it was a spam.
I did take part in the contest but I didn't think of winning the concert tickets at all! Cause I haven't win any contest I took part before this.

I took part in the contest was because I helped my aunt to bought 2 pendrive at Tesco the other day.
This PenDrive have 10 years warranty!! So I say why not try this brand as my aunt wants Kingston.
Then I helped her to register online and get the reference number so that she can get a 10 years warranty.
I put my own email address and few days later they send me and ask me to enter the contest.
So I just simply put my name and IC number and answer 2 easy questions.
Since I bought 2 PenDrive so I have 2 warranty reference numbers and I have 2 chances of send in my contest form.
Few days later, they send an email me the 3rd week winner, so I just tell myself I have no chance of winning it!

Later in the afternoon after the call, they send me an email confirming I have won the tickets.
It was from PenDrive and only then I start to realize I really have won the contest.
Then in facebook page, the have added me as friend and tag me in a photo including my name and IC number.

I decided on Tuesday before I come back Melaka, I will visit their main office and collect the mock up ticket.
It was a problem for me to find their main office.
I have no GPS so I get the direction from google map.
Since the only landmark which I know shown in the map is Sunway Pyramid, so I will figure out how to go to the main office when I reach Sunway.
As you know Malaysia road and the sign broad is totally useless.
Even though the google map there written a road name on it, but when I travel in Sunway, I just can't find the next sign.
Until a junction, I have no idea I should go which way.
So I continue on Shah Alam way as the main office address is in Shah Alam.

Seriously I've never been to the place I am going, so I start to feel a little worry if I am on the right track.
So I phone to PenDrive main office to confirm if I am on the right track.
Luckily due to my cleverness, I am going the right way. And then I was guide by the receptionist.
Finally I reach the place, Suki wasn't in the office so another girl hand over me the mock up ticket and too a photo of me!

Jolin Tsai concert is on 11th June, which is 2 days before my professional exam. I was like wtf?!!
I wanted to give to my sister but she is so not interested in Jolin. So I am letting this 2 tickets away.
It's RM268 per tickets and it's free setting. For more info you can visit at Galaxy website.
Contact me if you want my tickets. Jolin wasn't so famous after all. haha!

Saw me in the 4th column?! the only girl till now!!

After all, I have to say I am very lucky person!!

Agape Boutique

Ever since pumps have become a new trend, I wanted pumps so much but even have a chance to have it.
Usually is because don't have my size. My feet is just too big! And the price wasn't cheap at all.
The most important one are those pumps I saw were too complicated with ribbons and flowers of it which I don't like. I just like it to be as simple as possible.
Finally I found a pump which suit me the best in Agape Boutique.

Agape Boutique

It was pre-order so I have to wait up to 2 weeks.
The pumps reach my house exactly on the date they promised me! and their service is good. They will try their best to help you to choose better size for your shoes.
It fit me so well for size 40. I don't feel too tight or too loose.
Usually in other shop either there is no size 40 or it doesn't fit my feet due to different cutting.

I was so happy and I took a photo and upload to facebook.
Out of my expectation, a lot of my friends comment on the photo and a lot people like it so much!

Finally I have a pumps that I love so much!
It makes me look taller. I think I have 170cm now with the pumps! haha!

The display photo is totally same as the real pumps right?!
What we worry the most from online shopping is due to different colour and not the same as the actual photo.

The pumps from different angle.

The online shop also have 2 shops in shopping mall.
  • Offline Blogshop @ AV149, Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid  (Rack named: agapeboutique.blogspot - displaying shoes and bags)
  • OB Couture @ Level 1, Tropicana City Mall (Rack #L2 - displaying ladies clothes, #N14- displaying Shoes and Bags) 
Other than shoes they also have bags and dress. If you can't go to the shop you can buy it online.

I just love this pump to much!!!
I will definitely shop in Agape Boutique again!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

outing with peyyein

Have a date with peyyein on Wednesday afternoon to have brunch.
She came and fetch me for the first time ever!! haha...
Last time I use to fetch her from her house everytime we meet.
Yesterday when we were chatting and she get to know I am in Melaka, she asked me out and I agreed.
Wonder how we always have the same thought. Some times we just speak out the same word at the same time.
We just know each other's thought!

peyyein, this hairstyle suit you!!! very pretty!

She arrived at my house around 11am +, and we reach Melaka Raya's Nadeja at around 11.55am.
And I suddenly pop out a question: Is Nadeja open in this time?
Last time we went to Dataran's Nadeja and there open around 11am. Not sure about Melaka Nadeja.
We found out the door of Nadeja wasn't fully open. haha...
Well, we asked the waitress and she say they open at 12pm.
So we stand outside and wait for few minutes before the fully open the door.

Ordered cakes and cappuccino and we were chatting all along.
You just have to have a piece of cake with a cup of coffee. It's perfect!
When 2 girls and 2 mouths meets...... story never end.




After that we went over the opposite shop 'Pan and Wok'.
According to peyyein, it's belong to one of our friend's parent shop.
We just had our main course and dessert up the other way round right?
Who eat dessert first only eat main course?
I ordered pork chop and peyyein order fish and chip plus we share a glass of ice lemon tea.


where is my head peyyein?! haha...

The portion served is really big!
We regraded and should order 1 and share among ourselves.
But still I manage to finish it.
Until now I still feel the pork chop is still in my stomach.
Wondering why recently I keep craving for western food......



p/s: I just realize we didn't took photo together! Next time our first mission when we meet is to take a photo of both of us!

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yeah i know i am dreaming. haha...
THANKS for your vote.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

organ damage

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. 
It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. 
It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. 
It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it?
What if you like it and lean on it? 
What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? 
Can you even survive that kind of pain? 
Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. 
The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.

Meredith (grey's anatomy season 7 episode 22)

Friday, May 20, 2011

sweet escape part 3

If you think our journey end just like that, you are so wrong!

On Monday night, Zyang, Mei and I went to Seremban to have our long-planned Crab!!!
Mei has always say how delicious is the baked crab over there. Fern didn't join us as she has to accompany her bf.
My camera die halfway as I didn't charge it when I came back from Cameron. Some of the photos are from Zyang.


After our dinner, we went to find Mei's brothers, Dasmond and Xiang who stay there.
We have become like family friends.
They were having dinner at Italian Pizza so we just find them over there.
Dasmond children were so lovely and cute.


See the little girl above, she is having her Tiramisu.
We have no idea the Tiramisu have Rum inside it. She become so hyper after the tiramisu and keep on eating it. She wasn't close to me at first, but after the tiramisu, she become so close to me, even asked me to sit with her in the car on the way back to her house.
When reach her house, she just stick with me the whole time as if I am very close with her. She become depressed when I ignore her a while.  She even want me to sleep with her when she went to bed. haha...
We faster leave when she didn't saw me.

The next morning, we went to Kuchai Lama to have our Dimsum.
It was the same shop when me and my friends had the day after Jay's concert on March!



And finally, everything reach to an end.
When will be our next trip?


The End

sweet escape part 2

On 2nd day, we woke up around 6am in the morning.
Move from our '7 stars hotel' at around 7am, wanting to go to BOH tea center but it wasn't open until 9am.
I guess we were just too early. Early bird get nothing in cameron. haha...
So we went to a strawberry farm but it wasn't open yet but there is shop which already open.
We ordered a wafer with strawberry, chocolate and cream.



See how juicy is the strawberry. It was awesome!
Because 4 of us share this little plate. When you don't over eat some thing, you will definitely feel it is delicious.
We bought 2 strawberry jam from the guy, and he gave us a little box of strawberry free!
Who say early bird get nothing?!


After little breakfast to fill our stomach, Zyang bring us to a roti canai shop nearby to have Cameron roti canai.
The roti canai and nasi lemak taste not bad. But i still prefer Malacca's roti canai!


After our breakfast, we head out to BOH tea center again for our tea!! As if other place don't have BOH tea. We can get it in supermarket too!
We have to walk up a small distant of hill to reach the tea center.

See how bright is the sky. Everything is perfect!!!

Even though the sun is very big, but it was very warm, with the cold wind blowing towards you.




Finally we reach at the tea center!


We had out BOH tea there. It was so enjoying and relaxing. I wish I stay in Cameron Highland and every weekend I can relax at this place. Reading some newspaper and near to the nature.



By the way, do you know BOH stand for what? I doubt anyone know about it.
It actually stand for Best Of Highland. How I know? I overhead a tourist guide telling the tourist about it.
I went there before when I was quite young. Maybe around primary school that time. The tea factory was working and showing us how the tea is processed. But now, the factory is not working anymore. You still can smell a very strong odor of tea in the factory.


There is actually a distance from the tea center back to where we come from.
Mostly Indian stay along the way up to tea center, and we smell curry from one of the house. It smell delicious!



After our relaxing morning, Mei wants to go to bea farm! There are tonnes of flower in the garden and it's free to visit.
I put some of the photo which I am very satisfied with.



love this little girl's hair! it's natural curl!!





Then we went to flower nursery. We didn't buy any flower as Mei say the night market at her house sell the same flower at a cheaper price.
Well, Cameron has been very commercialized because they want to attract more tourist there.







This is the photo I love the most and the plant is so special!!

A collection of flowers which I took when we were at Cameron.



After all the visiting, we went to a restaurant to have our lunch.
We order mostly vegetable as it was very fresh and the only meat was for me cause they know I love meat more.


After lunch, we went back to pack our stuff and have some rest before we go back to Cyberjaya.
On the way back to Cyberjaya, we stop by at Bidor again!
Mei says she was hungry so Zyang say it's nearby to Bidor when we just came down from Cameron.

Had the very famous duck mee there. I love the soup so much! I was quite surprise when they actually give a drumstick!
I would prefer if the duck meat is sliced in pieces when its served.
Then Zyang say the porridge is very famous. We ordered a bowl for 4 of us. The boss was quite surprise when we say we only want 1 bowl. haha...


On top of it is the pig's inner organ which is deep fried. If you not a pig inner organ lover I doubt you will like this porridge. Personally I like it.


Well, if you think it's over, please hold on!
When we nearly reach Selangor, Mei suggested we go for dessert!
Zyang bring us to Kepong for the dessert there.


My bladder and stomach nearly burst!

to be continue......

p/s: for more photos please visit my Flickr.