Thursday, December 6, 2012


i think i have loss a lot of friends... even though i don't have many friends. but seem like it getting lesser.
feel left out. feel like i never been in their life.
the friends that i have now can count finish within fingers in both hands.
even don't know who to turn to when i have problems or things to express. as in nobody understand.
life is like so hard. everyone's struggling. when only i can find a friend that always have me inside their heart?
i am so stress with my exam in 1 week time yet who to turn to? no one understand. everyone have their own life.
maybe i am too dependent after having people surround around me.
no true friend in college life. old friends is like being stronger within their own group and i am the left out/ leftover. no point of me being there. is like no different if i am there or not.
always plan things without me. if i am in or not never mind. but if one of them is not in then the plan will not work.
sigh... life?

we come alone in this world, go alone from this world. seem like that also including being alone in this world...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


have such a surprise from Dr Siti when she look up to me and say: Melissa, you have mature a lot since year 1!
i was like: what??
she says she sees me mature a lot since last time.
i am really pleased Dr Siti says that to me. Really made my day. Never will have people really see through me and today, she did it.

so... i will work really hard for the exam in next 2 weeks!!!

motivation just kicks in!