Monday, April 30, 2012

China trip- Gui Lin day 3。中国之旅-桂林 第三天

the knit cotton shirt i was wearing was my mom. she wanted to give away long time ago but i saw it and hide it. totally don't understand why she wants to give to other people. cause it's so freaking nice!!!!

On the 3rd day in Gui Lin, we went to watch cormorant catches fish. On the boat, there were people singing at the same time, another boat's cormorant is catching the fish. It is kinda cruel to see the cormorant catch fish but is unable to eat it. This is how they catch fish over there. The cormorant neck was tied by a string so that it will not be able to swallow the fish after they catch the fish.


After that, we went to Silver Limestone Cave. Was in the cave for around 1 hour. Nothing much to be seen other than the rock and stones in the cave. I wasn't listen to the tour guide so I don't know about the history of the cave. haha! But it was very beautiful due to the lighting effect in the cafe. Every limestone that form has a name on it.


Then we went to Shangri-La. It wasn't the real Shangri-La but it is so beautiful! You will not be able take off your eyes to the scenery over there. We have to sit a bot around the lake and there will be a local tour guide telling us about the history and also their minority ethnic group and how they live on the lake.


Today journey was very relaxing because we start our journey very early. As early as 6.30am cause there were too many tourist group around that area and we are afraid that it might disturb our schedule. It is very relaxing as well cause we can take our own sweet time walking and talking picture.


Later in the evening, we were bought to the Ancient Southern Gate. It was nothing actually. Just an ancient gate but our tourist guide want to let us know more about the history of the city. It was city in a city and a city. Well, I don't really understand as well but I guess it is just what it is.


We had our dinner at a luxury restaurant and after the dinner, we were at the outside of restaurant waiting for the Pagoda to be light up. It is very beautiful when it is light up and usually it will be lighten at around 8pm. on the 4th day, we will be going on the lake and this pagoda will be one of the main scenery. We get to go for a massage beside our hotel. It was totally worth it and you will definitely feel very comfortable.