Wednesday, October 26, 2011

surgery posting

i'm in my surgery posting now for the third week. have been enjoy my posting very much but wasn't so happy cause we are not in the same group as IM. but still, i will try to enjoy myself as much as possible.

has been stay at home seen last wednesday and refuse to go and stay in samudera beach resort cause so use to staying at home. last week, we were asked to go to Serdang hospital as Dr Ngoo went to motor GP and there were no doctor in terendak to teach us. so AAA want us to go Serdang hospital as there will have more patients and we can learn more.

so i travel to cyberjaya on tuesday right after class. clerked a patient in serdang hospital on that day! on the next day, so nervous if i have to present to AAA. he arrived at around 11am. keep asking 'who want to present?', 'where is your case?' for so many times yet nobody want to volunteer. i guess everyone is scared of him.

so i volunteer, he ask: where is your patient? luckily my patient had back from scanning cause he wasn't as his bed this morning. after present my patient's history, he ask me to examine the patient. i was so regret that i did not revise it the night before cause i was so tired traveling from melaka to cyberjaya. so i tried my best examine the patient. and of course, there is bunch of questions coming from AAA and keep asking me why i do this why i do that, what had i missed, what else to inspect/examinine. it's like the real life of medical school. i guess we has been too comfortable in previous posting.

then all of us was so down cause we feel we are so stupid. i shouldn't be saying i was happy cause not only me don't know how to answer the question but the whole group can't answer his questions as well. means that i am not the worst and i have chance to get better. and this motivate me a lot!

my case was acute pancreatitis which is the core knowledge in surgery. i guess AAA get satisfied when i got this case and we have 1 more case for BST and he release us. we get 2 days leave in exchange for going to serdang hospital.

i am so satisfied as i am able to present my very first presentation in surgery and i am the first one to present after all. and i get 7.5/10 of marks. it was quite a surprise as i thought i did badly. when he wrote the marks in my log book, i am so satisfied. i had prepare for the worst as in getting less than 5. so i happily go back melaka after i get the information of my patient as this is be my case write up as well. and at night, i get a surprise! so so soooo happy!!!

it was very frustrating as the nurses in Serdang hospital is not helpful at all. i tried to ask them to teach me to use the computer system in their hospital and all of them actually ignore me. yes! IGNORE. don't say i am rude or did not ask permission or whatsoever. cause i tried my best to approach them, smile when i talk to them, saying can you pleaseeeeeeeee..... and their reply was: a while i am busy, can you wait a while, 'walk pass me', ignore what i just say.....

and there is a HO who are totally unprofessional at all!! when i asked her, she just ignore me and when my groupmate approach her which is a male, she teach him so happily wtf! hiao to the max

finally after getting through all the challenges, i get the information that i wanted, by the help of a male staff nurse and a chinese HO. don't say i am racist but chinese tend to help chinese more. didn't have anything in my stomach from morning until 3.30pm. i am hungry to the max that i can eat a cow. guess that's the life of a doctor. but... i am not a doctor yet!!!

had a very simple birthday celebration with Sin Toun in cyberjaya on the day before!

enjoy my 2 days holiday with outing with likthing and vicky. and that really make me regret as i should spent more time on study.

helped vicky to choose her wedding dress on last sunday! i'm so happy she's getting married, by the right way, not due to pregnancy or whatsoever accident. haha!! and then only i realize i was at manjung during her wedding. i'm so going to break my head thinking how to come back to attend her wedding!!!

went into OT on Monday to witness a open herniotomy. such a great experience. even though we have to stand for 3 freaking hours. this is only herniotomy, what about heart surgery??? 10 hours???

get to witness OGDS and colonoscopy on Tuesday as the patient i clerk accidentally have to go through the procedure. an when Dr Ngoo ask who clerk this patient, i answer and he say i get to go into OT! such a surprise. but even if Dr Ngoo is very kind but he is strict and stingy in giving marks! my case presentation with him only get 6.5. such a disappointment. AAA can give higher marks than him. this make me like AAA more now even though i was complaining about him few weeks ago! haha...

something about IM exam, i get Dr Nor Izham as examiner and he just let us to clerk and examine the patient and present the case to him. it went very very well and he say well done!

i accompanied my dad to 2 conferences during the few days before the next posting and it was interested as well!

You can shed tears that she is gone

my neighbor had passed away yesterday morning, the one i wrote about 4 months ago.(here)

it was quite a surprise actually. everything was normal when i pass by their house that morning when i went to terendak hospital. then in the evening when i came home, i saw a paper with name and arrow showing direction to some house, where you can find it when there is people pass away. it wasn't there in the morning so i was quite curious about it. i didn't have to chance to see clearly.

so when i took the junction to my house, i saw there are people in my neighbor's house trying to set up the tent. only then i know she passed away.

went to pay respect this morning before sending my sister off to her college. her eldest son is my sister classmate in primary school. 

how sad to think of her kids are still so young and she already passed away. her second son which have autism was crying and ask why his mother leave him... he has autism but he is clever, and his mom spent so much time on him so that he will be able to live a normal life... how much a mom can scarified for her son...

when there is funeral, it's full of sorrow. i don't know should i define it as good or bad, as she finally freed from all the suffer, but being left behind her family, that's sad.

it's so hard to face separation. 

after some time, we will get use to it. as if they have went to somewhere else for holiday... just like my friend Sandra, my grandfather and grandmother, and my neighbor.......

You can shed tears that she is gone

You can shed tears that she is gone
Or you can smile because she has lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back
Or you can open your eyes and see all that she's left.

Your heart can be empty because you can't see her
Or you can be full of the love you shared.

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember her and only that she's gone
Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
Or you can do what she'd want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

Monday, October 3, 2011


wanted to blog very long ago... but i keep procrastinate and now i have forgotten what i wanted to wrote in the first place.

basically its all about my clinical years...
witnessed lumbar puncture and IJC insertion last 2 weeks.
OGDS last friday...
and lots of angiogram procedure as 1 of our teacher is a cadiologist.

i consider myself to be very lucky to be able to witness all of this even i am only 3rd year.

went out for dinner in asam pedas claypot for second time with my ex-classmate, which include wanda, gaya, tasha and alyse. it's so fun to see them back again.
friend is just you have things to talk after didn't meet for so long!

drive all the way from terendak to jialing's house for BBQ session. without LP kinda weird. it's like our thing. had a lot of BBQ this year!
went to duck mee stall for ice after bbq.

don't ask me where there written 3.6%. i have totally no idea!
it was given by Dr Rosman during clinic session...

i enjoy being in terendak because i enjoy food. but my groupmates aren't eating type of person, so i mix with another groups better. we eat on time. right on that particular time, we all will be hungry.
chicken rice, nasi kampung, rojak etc etc etc... delicious!!!

this was during preparation before OGDS. just a few pic of it. 
when surgery come, it will be tonnes of pic of this i guess!! 

btw! long case exam on this wednesday and my examiner is Dato Dr Nor Izham!!!! and it will be in putra specialist hospital! omg omg!!! wish me luck!!! first exam ever in clinical year!!!