Thursday, June 28, 2012

China trip- Gui Lin day 6。中国之旅-桂林 第六天

Finally, the last day in Gui Lin! I was quite sad actually. Cause is the end of my holiday and its time of separation. We going to leave the people we know over here in China and also our travel group. It has been such a great experience to know all of them, even though all of them are middle age people.
The sky in Gui Lin look sad as well. It was a rainy day.


After breakfast, we were sent off to the airport. Finally we going to have our group photo. We have been saying of taking group photo from the first day until the last day. But this is our first and last group photo.


China trip- Gui Lin day 5。中国之旅-桂林 第五天

On the 5th day in Gui Lin, we woke up quite early and had buffet breakfast. After that, we went to Yao Mountain. We have to sit cable car, which is open air and go up the mountain. Nothing much along the way up to mountain the breeze of air is so fresh. Had some photos on the mountain.



After that, we went to Silk factory and outlet. Most of them bought silk bed sheet and comforter. Personally I love the design of the silk but it's too expensive for me!


After shopping, we had our best lunch ever. The place is so nice and the meal is like emperor meal. All of us really enjoy our lunch there.


In the afternoon, there are more shopping for us. I am not interested actually cause most of the things is for aunties uncles. 


Our dinner is fantastic as well. Maybe this is the last dinner we had together in Gui Lin. All of us enjoy it and become closer after 5 days travel together. We can talk like friends and family and have meal together.


Our hotel for the last time in Gui Lin was the greatest as well. I think it is five stars and newly open. The room is design mostly with white colour and I think the simple white colour bring out the elegant of the place. For your information, all of the chair design in the rooms are different!! Some room even have love shaped chair! Had a coffee at the hotel room make me feel so relax and enjoying.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

China trip- Gui Lin day 4。中国之旅-桂林 第四天

On 4th day in Gui Lin, we go over Dreamlike Li-Jiang in the morning, passing by Jiu Qu Bridge, SunMoon Pagoda and Rong Shan Lake. Along the Li-Jiang, you can see all kids of activities done by the people there. There are people washing cloth, shoes and also VEGETABLE!!! Can you imagine they actually wash food along the Li-Jiang, where there were people washing cloth and shoes at upper side?


After the cruise, we went to Ancient Southern Gate. Wasn't very sure why we were there cause I wasn't listening at all.


There was a old man writing calligraphy on the floor using own made brush and only with water. So green and creative! His writing is very beautiful as well.


Not much things to do on the 4th day. It is easy and relax. At night, we watched Liu Shan Jie show again. It is like the very famous thing to watch Liu Shan Jie show if you were in Gui Lin. This show is more fun and interactive. They actually ask the audience to go up stage and sing along with them. Personally, I prefer the one on the 2nd day, which is Impression Liu San Jie. It is hard to understand but it is full of artistic.


Then at night, we went to Weststrees to shopping again! This is the most enjoy thing for the girls and women! I still think the time for us to shop is too short.


Monday, June 18, 2012

i am back!

i have been missing from my blog from one month! exactly one month!!
well, community medicine is such as asshole! have no time at all!
we have to organize HIP program, survey, thesis, research, proposal bla bla bla!
after that we have final written exam for 3rd year! wow!!!

finally everything is over!!! i have done with my finals!
i have no idea how i did it cause the questions for finals is like a piece of shit! totally out of topic!

i am having 1 month holidays now!!! something that i have been waiting for so long!
i am able to watch Euro Cup now!
i am doing my secret mission!! will reveal it once i am done! nothing big just something very small but i am very excited about!
i did not waste a single minute of my time during holiday! fully planned!!

i'm gonna updates my blog and also my holiday to china, which i have not continue since day 3 i guess!
so many things in my to-do-list!