Sunday, January 26, 2014



Was in Adidas shop today as my brother wanted to buy a sport shoes. Here came a father and a teenage son. The son was asking to buy an ipod thingy which cost around RM 100+ and the father was saying 'i don't have money!'. It was quite loud and my mom and I turn unintentionally and I think the father was embarrassed. I regretted that I turn and see.

At last, the teenager get what he wanted. I did not see his father anywhere nearby... How come a child can't understand their parents bitterness?  I will be so sad to be the father.

Well, the same thing happened to my brother as well. He wanted to buy a sport shoes and I tell him find a shoes that not more than RM 200. There are sales everywhere and you can easily get a sport shoes under Adidas or Nike just less than RM 200. But after looking around, he wants some shoes that is much more expensive. So I tell him either get it or leave it.

Then he started make sour face. Then my mom came and help him to find. I told my mom, just give him RM 250 and let him buy himself. If it exceed the budget then he just has to pay himself.

End up he got an Adidas worth RM 360! Wtf. Just because of his sour face? Seriously I was pissed... Like for 5 minutes. Mom was complaining how he spend but end up letting him spent as he like... How to teach if my mom behaving like that. I can't say anything because she is my mom and she got her own way of teaching. But if I were her, I will just give the amount that I think is appropriate and you just have to pay yourself if it exceed the budget. Seriously, you can just get a Bata sport shoes instead!

Teenager nowadays is so branded minded! I seriously was really afraid of these kind of people. My brother was asking for a Macbook Air, Ipad, new phone. Some times I just feel like give a slap on his face. How come he can't empathy my parents?

I am brand minded as well but I know I am not working and I do not earn any money yet so I don't ask for luxury things from my parents! If I want to buy something, I will pay with my savings. I bought my own phone when I work part time. If I want bags or cosmetics or skin care, I use my own saving money as well. I don't really ask extra money for things I want... I won an Ipad. If not, I never thought of owning one at all! I have all the money for beautybox is because I get monthly incentive from Themalaysiastreet.

Everytime I see these things, I'll reflect on myself and remind myself not to be someone like them. Can't they see the living cost is rising and parents are barely trying very hard to support a family, support their child to college or university, trying to pay insurance. Ending up how much they can save for a month to backup for emergencies like illness or accident?

Seriously, please, think! Be wise! Be understanding.

Sometimes I hate myself for being so understanding. Why can't I be 败家 as well?

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