Thursday, November 13, 2014

Today is a great great day

Having quite a good day today. Clerk 2 patients who got nnj. I am telling myself that i am improving everyday!

1 of the guard told me that I can park near pentadbir parking next time during evening so that i no need walk so far to the parking lot. Well i am just being polite to a person i meet daily especially during orientation week.

Then the guard at the parking lot told me that i can park at the specialist parking floor if there is space next time. I remember he did not let me park that level on my 2nd day of working and i am kinda pissed but then i realize that it is his job for not let me park there. So out of guilt i start to great him whenever i saw him. He is kinda old. Maybe 65-70 y/o and my dont know what concious will start to think that why he need to work in such an old age, so tiring from 7pm to 7am. Arent he suppose retired now bla bla bla. Ya i kinda hate myself of thinking so much of nonsense.

Today was not as busy as yesterday and not as hell as that. Round with the MO Dr C is kinda stress. I tot he is just an ho manatau he is actually senior mo. Yea whatever but i kinda dont like him. Some people you just dont like them without any reason. But most particulary is them being an asshole.

Always believe that tomorrow will be a good day and a brand new day. I am surviving housemanship!! And treat people the way you want them to treat you.

Talk with ho there and ask them about the posting in hosp melaka. They were saying actually peads is very much better compare to other department. I hope that i can survive this posting as well... then survive in other posting next time...

Babies in nursery still making me think that i should not give birth to a life and let them suffer in this world. Keep having the urge to adopt 1 but i know i am being emotional. How possible i take care of them with my current job, which dont have life at all, having to work am shift from 7am to 6pm and pm shift from 730am to 1030pm and this is just only the written shift system. Not even need to mention about oncalls. When a patient is in life threatening situation, do you really think you can leave sharp on time? Maybe you need to go to ot and what so ever and the procedure cause you few hours and we dont even have ot claim. Well... i am not complaining. I am just comparing and telling those who being unfair anf bias to most of the doctors...

I dont know whatsup with my subconcious and responsibility that keep me wake up in the morning and on the go with the life i am having now... saw siang post about him being stressed and those commenter who being in same situation like me actually make me feel much much better. He even took EL to runaway from his job. Wow that really suprise me!! A top student in school doesnt mean he will excel in working life. As what i told my mom that study life and working life is like totally different. Its like we never learn all this and we all statt from zero all over again. Even you are top in class doesnt mean you can function in work....

Getting back my urge to blog again. To record my daily life as a ho without accidentally spilt out the confidentiality of patients... its mostly about my own feeling and how well i psycho my own self and my mind and my split personality. I know i sound really psycho now and i should stop. I do hope that i can understand what am i talking when i read back next time! Till then... goodnight.

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