Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gift ByJap

Currently I am 2nd week of Surgery posting. Life has been hectic and professional exam is near. I am kinda stress yes my life is great!!

I won a giveaway from Byjap!!!!!!!

How it actually happened?

The giveaway was in instagram. I saw it accidentally so I just join the contest. Very simple. Just repost the photo on instagram and hashtag them!! Without any hope, I forgot about the giveaway... 1 week later, they tag me in instragram telling me I won the giveaway!

yoooo.... dancing around!

Then I receive their parcel about 1 week later. Out of my surprise, they included 3 gifts in the 'mystery pack'!!! My earliest Christmas gift and they include the accessories I like! I like the accessories they sell. It is so affordable and cheaper compare to other seller.

I have personally bought 2 sunnies for myself and a clutch for my friend as her birthday present! Coincidentally, it was last year around this time!!!

There is up and down in life. I'll choose to remember the happy ones.

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