Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bag of Love-Go, Girl, Go! November Edition

This is the second time I subscribed Bag of Love. They always attracted me to subscribed their bag with teaser and hints in their facebook. I am not really a fans of bag but this time, I subscribed it because they announced that there will be a Panasonic product in the bag. I search in Panasonic website for possible item to include in the bag. My wild guess will be tweezer, eyelashes curler or electronic toothbrush.

At first I thought most probably it will be eyelashes curler because it is closer to a beauty item. Guess what's inside the bag?!

It is a electronic toothbrush!!!!! I was thrill when I saw this!!! My sister is studying dental now and she keep emphasize how good is a electronic toothbrush. She actually bought one herself!

I would say Bag of Love is becoming more and more impressive for me. I always keep an eye on their facebook and wait for their teaser. I admit it is really fun and exciting!

Panasonic Pocket Doltz Toothbrush (FULL SIZE)
RM 99

This is totally worth it for every penny I spent on this month bag! As I say above I was thrill to see this. I never thought I will get a electronic toothbrush and I can't wait to try it out! The down side is that it need battery to work. I would prefer the one which is chargeable one but never mind! I am still very hype up to get this and I don't care what other product I am going to get in the bag!!

Updates: I just found out there is various colour for this electronic toothbrush including black and orange! Well... I am damn happy to get silver colour!!! Not a fans of orange colour and black don't look good on the toothbrush as well! hahaha...

Clarins Double Serum
RM 280 for 30ml

I used to work in Clarins during my holidays so I know how good Clarins products are. They included 7 days trial of serum and also a little secret after the last pack. There is a redemption card at the back where we can get free skin consultation and also 2 pieces of gift set worth RM 60.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura EDT
RM 275 for 100ml

It is a sample vial and a voucher for coming Christmas set. I am really particular in perfume and this have floral and woody scent as the same time.

Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo (FULL SIZE)
RM 4.40 for 90ml
Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner (FULL SIZE)
RM 4.40 for 80ml

My biggest problem for hair is hair fall. I am so happy to get this 2 products as I have never tried their shampoo range before. I only use Dove body bath before. My hair fall problem is really the biggest headache. My hair fall every second and minutes. Luckily I have thick hair gene so my hair is still very thick despite my serious hair fall problem and I have tonnes of baby hair.

Lastly, a full size of Olay Regenerist Revitalising Serum for 50ml from which I won from the contest organised by Bag of Love!

I do think the did a great job in having contest and interacting their subscribers. I am really attract to this found out we get updates and teaser from their facebook. It is very interesting to see how they interact. They have contest every month after sending out that month's bag. The products for giveaway usually related to the product in last bag, which from a sample size product, you may have the chance to get a full size product.

I started to like Bag of Love very much. There is possibility I might start subscribe Bag of Love constantly in future. They have 3 full sizes products this month including a electronic toothbrush worth RM 99!!! How rare for a beauty bag to do this with only RM 39.90 for a month subscription! Although subscribing a beauty box/bag is not about full size, but who don't want full size product?!

p/s: whoever want the Levi's bag or missed this month's bag may ask from me. I don't think I'll use the bag. Just that you need to bare the postage fee. I'll give it to you for free!

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